Using a Real Estate Referral Tracking Software with Propertybase

October 17th, 2012 – in propertybase tips

Today’s successful agent and broker know the value of a referral and the importance of tracking and recognizing those referred opportunities. Propertybase makes tracking referrals easy and provides top producers with easy to use referral tracking software to create and report on them.

Org Admins can easily and swiftly create look up relationships and the necessary reports to stay on top of referred leads and closed sales as a result of those referrals.

Create a look up relationship to the contact object, adjust the page layout as you see fit. Now create a report by selecting Offers with Potential Buyer/Tenant. Apply conditions “not equal to” Potential Buyer/Tenant Referral, conditions to only include referrals and active or closed deals & status ”equals” Active, Active (Reservation), Accepted.

Author: Ricky Fernandez