We're Here to Support You, Every Step of the Way

We don’t want to be just another SaaS provider. We understand that happy, successful customers are central to our success. Whether you’re just getting started or you need help along the way, our support team is always ready guide you through your roadblocks and challenge you to be a technology leader.

Help and learning when you need it

Browse our searchable help articles, watch video tutorials, and get best-practice guidance on how to set up marketing campaigns, optimize your site, and drive adoption among your team.

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Digital Marketing Services

Looking for hands-on help to grow your marketing programs? Our team of marketing pros can help with Google Analytics setup, SEO strategy, content development, social media optimization, and more.

Professional Services

CRM & Platform Services

Looking to free up time or take your CRM to the next level? Our new Managed Services offering provides an efficient way to offload platform administration, advanced configuration, integrations, and more.

"They're not just our technology partners, they're our friends. They're our supporters. We work very closely and that's what makes us successful. They know our company and our agents and we know their team. “

– Al Becker, Jack Conway Company. Beloved client of 10 years.

A proven and carefully crafted onboarding experience

When we welcome new clients to our company we want it to be a great experience right from the start.

We want you to have the best possible understanding of our software, and a clear picture of the services, resources and people available to you. Our goal is to ensure that your whole team feels confident and excited about using Propertybase, and are set up for success from the first time you log in.

We walk through an initial questionnaire and gather information about your company that will help guide the project through launch.
We meet together to introduce all project stakeholders, establish roles and responsibilities, and discuss the project scope and rollout process.
This is where your website and software comes to life. You will receive hands-on training to ensure that you fully understand how to operate and maintain the Propertybase software.
We officially launch your platform and complete the onboarding process. You’ll be introduced to our support team who can assist with any questions you have from here on out.

Outstanding support and expertise you can count on

Patience, empathy, and positivity are core values for our support team.

We take pride in helping you through every part of your journey- whether you need assistance with configurations, technical issues, or just a quick walkthrough. Our people are highly trained specialists that know the ins and outs of our platform by heart.