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Propertybase and the Upcoming Split of the NA7 Salesforce Instance

April 4th, 2011 – in propertybase salesforce

Over the past couple of weeks many users have asked us about emails they received from stating that Action is Required and referring to something called the NA7 Instance. Let us be the first to re-assure you all, there’s no need to panic!

To put it quite simply, has invested in more robust technology to support our users in their organizations of Propertybase. In the end this will lead to faster response times and greater availability of Propertybase for our users.

What do you need to do? The good news is, most likely nothing. But we would like you to be aware of a couple of points.

  1. Due to the migration of the instance, please expecect some limited periods of unavailability on Sunday, April 17th, 2011 between 12:00 AM PDT and 8:00 AM PDT
  2. If you, or your system administrator have developed any customizations for the Web Service API which specifically have the NA7 instance name hard coded you will need to change these. We are confident that this doesn’t apply to 99% of our customers as Propertybase comes pre-configured with best practice code that doesn’t rely on hard coded references to a specific instance. So, no need to worry.

If you have further, specific questions about what this means, and how it applies to your Propertybase organization, contact us anytime at:

Author: Max-Michael Mayer