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Engagement Benefits Using a New Social CRM Tool

April 6th, 2010 – in propertybase crm

Propertybase, the leading real estate CRM software built entirely on the platform, has introduced a new social CRM tool. New Chatter Feature allows Instant Communication and Easy Collaboration.

By incorporating the new Chatter social message feature from, Propertybase has unleashed its users’ ability to communicate and collaborate throughout their organizations. Using the familiar Facebook-style interface, Propertybase users can now:

  • Track each other’s business activities in real time.
  • “Follow” other users, prospects, or customers
  • Get automated reminders of events.
  • Set trigger conditions on accounts, and receive alerts if the trigger event happens.
  • Communicate broadly or narrowly with public “wall” postings or private messages.
  • Coordinate and schedule events with the built-in shared calendar.

What does this mean for Real Estate Professionals? This means Propertybase users can always be instantly aware of:

  • New property listings
  • Price changes and updates
  • Buyer and Seller Offers
  • Property Viewings
  • Open Houses
  • And other market activities

And just as in Facebook, they can follow their colleagues’ chatter about housing prices, market demand, offer status, and property availability in real time.

“This type of interconnectivity represents the future of business collaboration,”

says Max-Michael Mayer, Managing Director at Propertybase.

“Why should the ability to communicate quickly and easily be reserved for social media, where people are chatting about what they had for breakfast? Where we really need this is in business, especially the real estate business, where market conditions change hourly, and where fast access to information can make or break a deal.”

Montgomery Hoeft, Director of, adds,

“The Propertybase implementation of Chatter is a perfect use of this new platform. It brings fast and easy collaboration to an industry where speed and access to information are all-important.”

Push Technology Means “First to Know”

To ensure that they never miss important information, Propertybase users can choose to have all this information pushed to their desktop, iPhone, or Blackberry in real time. In short, Propertybase with Chatter will help real estate professionals gain the crucial first-mover advantage that is so important in this fast-moving, competitive business.

Author: Max-Michael Mayer