The northernmost rally in the world

July 28th, 2016 – in propertybase miscellaneous

The Baltic Sea Circle (BSC) is a rally at which the participants have to circle the Baltic Sea – over 7,500 kilometers within 16 days, travelling through 10 countries. The special challenge of the rally: the teams must drive cars which are at least 20 years old and have been bought for no more than EUR 2,500. Also the usage of navigation systems and driving on highways is not allowed.

On registering, every team must commit to raise at least EUR 750 for a good cause. In doing so they can decide on their own which charities should benefit from the money (there are five nonprofit institutions available; all chosen and reviewed by the organizer of the rally). The fund raising is no voluntary effort, but a definite start condition for every team. Besides covering the distance, the teams have to master several daily tasks, photo challenges and the like.

Propertybase has sponsored the team "Gin Tourismo" at this year's Baltic Sea Circle, because we think that this mission (and the rally respectively) – a great combination of adventure, good cause and international understanding – have more than earned our commitment. Furthermore the team consists of two cool guys, who we just had to back during their extraordinary adventure ;-)

The rally took place from June 18 to July 3 2016. Start and finish was Hamburg, Germany. The team Gin Tourismo, which was driving a Saab 9000, came in second (out of 200 teams).
Once more at this point: congratulation guys, you have done a great job!

Further Facts:

  • 7743 kilometers have been driven
  • More than 200 teams participated in the BSC 2016
  • The rallye led through 10 countries: Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland
  • Team Gin Tourismo alone collected more than EUR 1800 for two charities
  • More info about this and similar rallies can be found at the organizer's website, (The Superlative Adventure Club)

Baltic Sea Circle - Impressions

Author: Jörg Reger