CRM Requirements: Why Lead Management Isn’t Enough

If someone asked you what the most critical function of your CRM (customer relationship management) tool is, what would you say? First of all, we hope you already understand the importance of a CRM and how it contributes to your overall real estate success. But secondly, it’s likely that real estate lead management would be one of the first things to come to mind when measuring the value of your CRM.


Why lead management?

Most sales organizations depend heavily on their CRM tool for lead management. This usually starts with lead intake, which is a potential buyer or seller inquiring about your services through your website, an MLS listing, your e-mails, or a third-party marketing tool like Yelp or Facebook.

A great feature of an even better lead management CRM tool should also track those potential new clients through the sales cycle. Once the lead arrives into your real estate CRM it is logged and can even be categorized by you for placement into a specific sales funnel or follow-up process in an effort to close the lead as a new client.

Once those leads turn into your (fingers crossed) new clients, for most CRMs the heavy lifting is over. They’re registered as a contact or thrown into an e-marketing distribution list never to be dealt with again. But is that a mistake?

CRM requirements should do more than just manage leads

Leads are a huge part of your business – we get it! They require a great deal of attention and are imperative to your future success, but does that mean that’s the only area of your business your CRM should manage? Absolutely not.

Gain a 360° view of your business with just one tool!

The problem with having a real estate CRM that focuses solely on lead management is that your efforts to generate new business is only one part of your business.

What about all the past clients you want to reconnect with? How about streamlining your contract processes? What do your operating expenses look like? How many square feet did client John Smith say he wanted again? Do you remember how much commission you were supposed to get last month?

If you work with a lead management-only CRM, it’s likely that when scanning that list of questions you can think of a different tool you use for each one of them. Or, worse yet, you don’t have a process around some of those areas of your business. Either way, you’ll never get a true holistic view of where you stand with each of your potential, past and existing clients, and you can’t understand the state of your business as a whole.

Your CRM should AND CAN do so much more

What if you could perform the majority of your real estate tasks all within a single, robust CRM tool? You could engage with your leads coming in, communicate listings, next steps or helpful insights, push through a new listing contract and automatically post the listing details to MLS and other media platforms. Internally, you could share information with your teammates, organize all your closing documents and then calculate your commissions – all from one CRM?

Here at Propertybase we believe that if you have a different tool for every aspect of your real estate business, none of them are really “tools” at all. What value does that provide and how does it keep you organized, in control, or sane? It doesn’t.

That’s exactly the problem we’ve solved with the Propertybase real estate client management and marketing software designed specifically for real estate professionals looking to streamline their business and close more deals. So, are you ready for your CRM to work for you?


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