Why Your Team Needs a Robust Yet Simple CRM Tool

Some people may think that “technology” and “simple” just don’t go hand in hand. Maybe you’re not tech savvy, or you hate working on the computer. Or perhaps you just find most of the technology products you’re forced to use in your real estate business to be cumbersome, outdated and confusing.

When it comes to using real estate technology that is supposed to make your life easier and your work more efficient, simplicity is key for adoption. Because complicated products go unused, and underutilized tools don’t help anyone run a more efficient and successful real estate business.


Technology that doesn’t save you time can’t really be considered efficient.

Isn’t one of the major reasons for using technology is to save you time and effort in your business? Yes, that’s true…

But then you open your CRM system to put in a new contact from that lead you just received and you must go through 15 different steps to properly set up that contact. How many of you would actually keep up that process when you have client showings and listing consultations with potential new sellers. Our guess? Not many.

With robust and intuitive real estate database software like Propertybase, contacts no longer require 20 minutes to input. Potential clients can quickly be dropped into specific categories that drive automatic sales funnels. And you’ll never have to log extra hours manually adding emails to your CRM notes, because Propertybase works perfectly with your own email provider.

Increasing efficiency through technology shouldn’t be reserved for the techies.

The problem with introducing new technologies within your real estate team is that the less-than-tech-savvy agents in the office will assume they won’t be able to use it, or benefit from it. After all, so many complicated CRMs are floating out in cyberspace not providing value to their end users that can barely understand them.

By onboarding an incredibly intuitive and integrated product with in-depth training and customer support, benefitting from the capabilities of a CRM are no longer reserved for the millennials or technology gurus in your office.

Offering all those bells and whistles is beneficial only if they’re useful.

The problem with so many CRM tools is that they are either universal and not tailored to the needs of the busy real estate professional, or they are so sophisticated they often require a developer to build out and have more tools than many users can even benefit from.

Yes, Propertybase is designed with the real estate community in mind, but it’s more than that. It was created to accommodate the average real estate professional’s workflow with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Not only will agents be more productive, they’ll have an easier time doing so. And most importantly, the simple CRM tool doesn’t crowd its solution with obscure plug-ins, complicated processes or arbitrary rules that cut down on efficiency for its users.

Driving new business to your real estate company has a lot to do with customer service, follow up and efficiency. By offering a simple CRM tool that focuses specifically on the needs of the real estate professional along with only those activities that translate into success, using a CRM just got a whole lot easier.


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