5 Signs You Need a Real Estate Agent CRM System

For many real estate professionals, the idea of updating any of their company’s operating procedures breeds fear, panic, insomnia… you name it! It’s tough enough to get a large group of agents or brokers to commit their precious time to learning these systems, much less using them. So, why would you ever put yourself and your company through a system overhaul?

There are a few very important reasons to ditch whatever clunky software CRM or array of spreadsheets you’re currently using and upgrade to a CRM for real estate system that will change the way your agents work, and the speed at which your business thrives: a CRM that’s built for the real estate industry.


Sign #1 – You don’t even know how to use that thing.

If every time you ask the agents in your office if they’ve updated such-and-such in the CRM and they answer, “oh, I don’t use that thing,” you might think it’s time to ditch the concept of a CRM altogether. Not so fast. This is actually the time to invest in an effective, user-friendly real estate CRM tool. If agents aren’t using it, it’s likely that the one you’ve invested in either doesn’t provide value or is to cumbersome to use. But this isn’t true for all CRM tools.

Sign #2 – You don’t see the return on your investment.

Many times real estate professionals will view their CRM as a way of just containing and recording important information for eternity never to be seen again. However, the right real estate CRM is a valuable tool used to better understand the ROI and effectiveness of your campaigns, to receive a full analysis on lead sources that result in sales, to reduce inefficiencies and save time by streamlining an agent’s everyday tasks.

Sign #3 – Your CRM doesn’t consider the needs of a real estate professional.

Not all CRMs are created equal and that is especially true for the real estate industry. Your agents have unique needs and not all CRM systems can keep up. From custom templates and drip campaigns with the buyer or seller in mind to one-click property listings, a real estate CRM that allows agents to work smarter not harder will be a tool that won’t be difficult to get your agents using.

Sign #4 – Your CRM isn’t working for you.

What has your CRM done for you lately? If nothing immediately comes to mind, then it’s probably time to say goodbye. Think of the right CRM as your real estate assistant. Are they reminding you when it’s time to follow up with that prospect you spoke to last week? Are they feeding you timely and reliable website leads? Are they taking on all those time-consuming contracts? If your current CRM doesn’t feel like a highly-qualified, motivated and efficient personal assistant, it might be time to fire it.

Sign #5 – You don’t need all those bells and whistles.

Perhaps you made your CRM choice based on all that impressive horsepower under the hood. While we all love a good upgrade with a long list of hot features, sometimes you just don’t need all that power or performance. This is especially true for real estate professionals. If you need a dedicated developer or IT professional just to build out or manage your CRM, it may be time to move on. Your real estate CRM should be simple, effective and have just the right features to optimize your performance.


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