Propertybase – Front Desk Lead Capture & Automation Overview

Leads. We all want them. We all need them. Filling the pipeline is crucial to maintaining healthy growth for both residential and commercial brokerages. And if you’re like most brokerages, managing and responding timely to your leads is a challenge all to itself.


Many brokerages lose tens of thousands of dollars in profits each year due to poor lead management. Leads sit too long, get stuck in email or junk boxes, or fail to get added to the agents CRM. All of these pitfalls ultimately end in the lead sitting too long and becoming stale, or losing the lead completely to a competing brokerage firm.

So how do you capture and respond to those leads in an efficient and reliable way? How do you centralize and manage them with timely responses? The answer – Front Desk Lead capture within the Propertybase CRM platform!

Front Desk is a proprietary real estate lead management system we’ve built within our Real Estate CRM features specifically to allow leads to automatically centralize within Propertybase without delay. Front desk captures new leads and contact details, creates buyer inquiries, and links listings automatically. It can even create new listing records if needed!

With Propertybase Front Desk Tool, you can:

1. Connect any web form to Propertybase and directly funnel lead details

2. Parse any email notification from any lead source and automatically funnel directly to Propertybase

3. Connect to one or more of the 150 real estate portals we’re already integrated with

4. Capture leads automatically from Facebook advertisements

After you’ve successfully turned your lead bucket to iron with Propertybase, you can then focus on detailed automation to ensure agents and brokers are converting those leads, creating an unmatched service experience for new prospects. Check out our blog post on real estate CRM process automation to learn more!

Front Desk is standard with all Propertybase licenses. Allowing agents using Propertybase to connect, centralize and automate all their current lead sources, while also giving them the ability to plug into more than 150 additional lead sources like Facebook, MLS, Zillow and Trulia.

Once the leads are in the system, you can then set up automatic replies to both the lead prospect and agent, ensuring a timely and customized email is immediately sent to both parties without the agent having to manually communicate to each lead. This automation not only saves time for the agent, but can assist in creating more streamlined processes for your entire brokerage.

If you’re interested in learning more about Propertybase Real Estate CRM technology, Front Desk lead management, or have questions on how to streamline your brokerage, please contact us! Visit us at to sign up for a free demo trial, or contact us via email at