Real Estate Technology, Configurable CRM

When it comes to introducing new real estate CRM software into the ecosystem of your brokerage, you might be thinking all about customization. After all, a customized solution will allow you to tailor it to the needs of your brokerage without much stress – right?

But what about a system being configurable versus customizable? The same thing – right? Not exactly. While these words are often used interchangeably they mean very different things and are an important part of moving forward with the right service provider to set your brokerage ahead of the pack.


Configurable vs. Customized

A customized solution is created at a high cost specifically for one customer and is often not easily altered again without a technical team or a skilled developer. On the flip side, a configurable SaaS system is usually an out-of-the-box tool that can be personalized or tweaked without intervention from developers. Not only does that save the brokerage money, but the precious time needed to focus on important buying and selling operations.

Why Go Configurable


When opting for a configurable solution, you typically have more resources. With standard operating procedures, trainings, tutorials and customer support teams – help is never far away. Updates are easier and more straight-forward. Most of the time, peer networks are available for brokerages to benefit from additional insights. With a configurable solution, progress is simple.

Constant Improvement

Because of the large audience of users behind a configurable, as opposed to customized, solution, the provider will comfortably invest in the constant improvement of their tool. And who will reap the benefits? You and your brokerage. Because constant innovation is such a critical part of running a configurable solution, you can be certain that you’ll always be operating one step ahead of the market.

Ease of Implementation

As opposed to the headaches that come with implementing a customized solution, a configurable CRM allows for reduced start-up times and a streamlined implementation within the brokerage. Plus, because these specific solution providers have a process in place for making sure their clients know exactly how to get their brokerage up to speed on their new real estate CRM, it’s easy to get everyone on board.

So, if you’re looking for a solution that evolves with industry changes and innovations, is simple and straightforward to implement, and comes with the support that allows for your team of agents to get up and running quickly, look no further than a configurable product like Propertybase. It’s not just the now, it’s the future of the industry.


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