Customer Support: Customer Service & Support for the Real Estate CRM

When most real estate brokers and business owners think about analyzing the important metrics such as: total closings, new listings, the number of days properties remain on the market, and the performance of individual agents – it comes down to their agents and systems actually tracking this valuable data.

But more importantly, the only way the systems pulling together these metrics will influence educated choices is if they are set-up properly for scalability. That’s where reliable customer service comes in.


Propertybase Onboarding

Here at Propertybase, we believe that CRM customer service and support shouldn’t be the behind-the-scenes, passive team that you only speak with when you’re having a problem. The right kind of customer support starts with the onboarding process. It begins on that very first day when a real estate CRM is totally new and foreign to your team of agents.

While the tool is intuitive and easy to use, we employ an expert implementation team to position any size real estate brokerage or team for success. Your employees will have no reason to shy away from the advantages Propertybase Real Estate CRM Solutions can bring, as they’ll be up to speed on all its features and advantages after just a few discussions with our engaging team.

The Ongoing Support You’ve Always Wanted

The last thing we want your agents doing is wasting their time on hold music or feeling lost in completing simple tasks in their CRM and not having a resource to walk them through the process. After all, if your team isn’t using the tool, you won’t be able to reap the benefits of insightful analytics and streamlined processes.

Some of the types of CRM real estate software support offered to our valued clients include general support cases that are addressed within 8 hours of inquiry, online video tutorials, call-back support, live screen support via Zoom, consultative support, or an actual case manager that can work closely with and get to know your team. In the end, Propertybase Customer Support is an evolving cycle of collaboration and partnership with no end date.

When You Need Just a Little More Guidance…

When it comes to building out the proper real estate CRM tool for your unique brokerage and technology environment, sometimes even the most adaptable solutions aren’t quite right. This is where consulting services are most beneficial, in order to configure the CRM to your needs.

The expert team at Propertybase can dream up almost anything you need to make sure the software fits your strategic model. They will consult with you on the goals and needs of your brokerage before the work even begins to create a solution that is both streamlined and efficient. Our Resource Center Datasheet highlights our team of power users available to take on the challenges of today’s real estate industry.

Customer support should be so much more than a helpdesk. It’s a partnership – in your implementation, in your needs, and in your success. Because if your real estate CRM tool is supposed to work for you, shouldn’t the team behind it work for you, too?


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