3 Reasons Why Brokerages Might Be Apprehensive to Bring on a Real Estate CRM

Some brokers may wonder exactly why they need a comprehensive real estate CRM for their brokerage. A CRM should help with overall client management, sales funnel management and improve productivity. The perks and potential sounds amazing, right? But as a broker, you still might be worried about the challenges it will bring.

You have goals to improve business and client relationships; while, also hiring and retaining the best talent. The right solution can provide the competitive edge a brokerage needs to stay connected to customers, streamline processes, improve employee success and increase profitability.

Here are our top 3 reasons why brokers are hesitant to bring on such a tool and answers to quelch those concerns.


Reason 1: People (and Agents) Hate Change

There are a lot of reasons why professionals are resisting these systems, especially when many brokerages are made up of friendly and extroverted real estate agents – agents who, we might add, can also be classified as independent contractors. It’s a simple fact–people don’t like change. Period. The transition from tried-and-true status quo tools to more tech-savvy, automatic processes can have learning-curves.

We’ll start by saying that nobody will tell you it’s an easy transition, but they will tell you the ROI of a real estate CRM is worth it. The right solution is a scalable one that meets your growing needs. It should capture website visitors, send automated campaigns, and provide reporting on how your prospects and agents are performing. Prospects can be nurtured instead of lost in the shuffle. Former clients can be properly reengaged when the time comes to inquire about their next home. We could go on and on about the benefits.

The truth is: your agents and brokerage are making critical business decisions. Shouldn’t they be provided the right tool by which to do so?

Reason 2: Doesn’t Automation Equal Impersonal?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Relationships are the key to anyone’s real estate success and despite all the hoopla over technology in the industry it’s clear: people still want to interact with people when looking to make a very large investment. So “relationship” is kind of a big part of getting this thing to work out.

We’ll be the first to admit that all of us have had some beef with automated services in general. How many times have you had a less-than-amazing experience talking on the phone to an automated robot? If the system is set up incorrectly it can be a real disaster. For this system to work, brokers need to take the time to find the right technology partner to work with. One that manages the nurturing process in a way that builds relationships with prospects and clients, not hinders them, will make all the difference.

When used correctly, CRM systems have more potential to enhance your personal interactions than to destroy them. Real estate marketing automation saves time, money and can minimize human error so agents can spend more effort on the client interactions that matter most.

Reason 3: The “Big Brother” Effect

The “Big Brother” effect deals with the fear of micro-management and the psychology of data being tracked. Reports about emails, opportunities converted, lost leads, etc. are readily available. But the metrics will tell such a larger story.

The numbers prove that when a the right system is put in place, productivity increases, and by a lot! A recent Salesforce study showed that 76% of sales professionals using analytics have improved their ability to provide customers with a consistent experience and the ability to optimize their selling process. Analytics help agents make important decisions based on actionable trends evaluated through the system

The potential benefits of introducing a new tool to any real estate brokerage outnumber the risks ten-fold. So go ahead, add an industry-best CRM to your brokerage value proposition. Need more reasons? Here are 10 to use an all-in-one real estate crm.


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