Identify & Prioritize Hot Contact Leads with Revaluate Integration

There was a time when advertising, sales, and marketing (no matter the industry) would blast their messaging to the masses – Mad Men style – with little regard to the audience. The content was the same, no matter what. Jump ahead to today and while this type of advertising across TV, magazines, etc. still exists, there’s most certainly a more prevalent awareness for making sure the right message is served to the right targeted audience.


What does this have to do with real estate?

Real estate is a perfect example of an industry shifting from a “to the masses” approach towards a much more “targeted” strategy. The truth is more and more real estate brokerages are relying on niche audiences to close more homes at a higher volume, and the competition is growing daily. No longer is an ad in the newspaper or an “open house” sign on the side of the street good enough.

The key is thinking audience first, to utilize your data, and automate artificial intelligence (AI). At Propertybase, we’re more than just a real estate CRM platform. We’re constantly looking for ways to not only improve our product, but also provide tips to empower our clients of real estate brokerages and teams with the best strategies. We’re excited about our recent integration with Revaluate, a predictive analytics tool for real estate professionals, which truly makes Propertybase a “Smart CRM.”

What’s Revaluate? Revaluate scores your prospects, telling you who’s most likely to move in the next six months. In a nutshell, Revaluate utilizes a number of data sources and creates a “Revaluate Score” between 1 and 100 for each of your database’s email contacts. The higher the score, say 80, the more likely a contact is to move within the next 6 months. The Revaluate Score is automatic, simple, efficient and it’s now a part of the integrations repertoire of Propertybase.

U.S. clients on the latest Lightning version will find their contacts with the top scores attractively highlighted on the homepage dashboard upon login. Users will surely improve their marketing efficiencies, create better-targeted lists and increase ROI from old leads.

How does Revaluate Work?

The advanced machine learning algorithm will churn in the back-end to help fill your pipeline with “Very Likely Movers” to whom you can prioritize outreach. Thus, the right audience with the right message. They utilize what they like to call the Data D’s: Diapers, Divorce, Death, Diamonds, Diplomas, Dumpsters and the Daily Grind.
As an Inman Innovator Award finalist and a Swanepoel Top 20 Trendsetter in 2017, Revaluate is recognized by the industry’s best. For a great look at how it works, watch the video below.

As Propertybase continues to disrupt the real estate technology space to find a new value for our clients and the industry, we reiterate the importance of enabling brokerages and teams to do more in less time with the right data and connecting scalable technology. Our many integration partners are just another added-layer to our already robust offerings. With more real estate partnerships to come, there is much to be excited about if you’re a Propertybase user!


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