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Tip of the Week: You asked for it ... Multiple "From" Email Reply Addresses

June 13th, 2013 – in crm tips propertybase

Now when composing an email from Propertybase, you can select your desired From email address. Selecting a ‘from’ address can be used to either ensure compliance with Real Estate Governing Bodies (requiring all communications to clients come from the broker’s identity), or for your own marketing purposes.

Many of our broker clients have multiple email aliases, some because they have several web presences and others because they are licensed in multiple States, governed by different State Regulatory Agencies. This used to make emailing from inside Propertybase tricky, but not anymore. Here we’ll take you through how to setup your list of email addresses, so you can get those emails out faster.

Getting Started with Real Estate Contact Management …

Simply compose an email as usual. In the “From” field, click on the new drop down menu and select your desired email “from” address … voila!

Setup more addresses

Take a look at our knowledgebase, for more information on this feature and how to add email addresses to send from.

We’ll see you again next week, for another handy Tip of the Week. Comment, and tell us how you’ll be using this new feature, or what you want to hear about next!

Author: Ricky Fernandez