5 Ways Workflows Add Major Muscle To Your Real Estate CRM


Do you spend several hours every day tending to repetitive duties like answering emails, taking phone calls and managing tasks? If so, you’re not alone. Time management is a challenge for any professional in today’s digital world where tasks can come at you from both online and offline sources.

  • 9 out of 10 employees spend too much time on manual tasks [Servicenow]
  • Skilled office workers spend more than 4 hours a day tending to emails [The Washington Post]

For real estate agents and brokers, the situation is even more difficult to manage. Between prospecting calls, emails, listing presentations, buyer’s appointments, and open houses…getting ahead can seem an impossible feat. The solution? Workflow automation.

A workflow is an automated set of actions that leverages software to create or complete everyday tasks. Workflows can save an unbelievable amount of time by streamlining processes. Here are 5 benefits of using workflows in your real estate CRM.

#1: Increased Response Times

Real estate agents with quicker response times have a much better chance of converting more online leads. By automating your lead follow-up,  you ensure that new leads are contacted immediately- regardless of time of day, or whether or not you are available. This significantly increases your chance of getting to your leads before your competition!

#2: Nurture Leads at Each Stage

Lead Scoring is a common strategy that can help realtors establish where a lead is in the buying or selling process. The majority of real estate agents spend 90% of their time nurturing hot prospects. But what about your earlier-stage leads? With automated drip email campaigns for each stage, you will:

  • Stay top-of-mind with prospects
  • Reduce the risk of competitors getting to your prospect before you
  • Establish your reliability and credibility

#3: Superior Project Execution

It can be overwhelming to keep projects moving forward. Meeting deadlines are an essential part of every real estate transaction. But, if a project is not properly planned and timed, it can get held up by human error or an overbooked person. With workflow automation you can establish a process for your projects, and set up tasks that trigger when milestones are completed. This will help keep important initiatives on track, and give you more time to focus on getting the real work done.

#4: More Productive Interactions

Real estate agents and brokers are constantly running to a new meeting. Whether it’s with a prospect, marketing assistant, listing coordinator, or someone else- meetings tend to take up a lot of time. Workflows can help make those interactions more effective by sending an email prior to the meeting, reminding about the time and providing talking points.

#5: Business Prosperity

All of these benefits contribute to the ultimate game-changer: a thriving real estate business! 64% of marketers say they experienced benefits of using automation tools within the first six months of its implementation. In fact, highly automated companies are six times more likely to see a 15%+ growth in revenue, than those are not. If you haven’t already, get on the real estate automation train- it’s a win, win, win!