Email Drip Campaigns for Realtors

In an effort to continuously provide the best real estate CRM in the market, Propertybase has recently launched an email drip campaign feature for all users of Propertybase’s Salesforce for real estate Lightning Interface – and for good reason.

According to Radicati’s 2016 Email Statistics Report, email will be used by 3 billion people by 2020 – that’s almost half of the world’s population! While instant messaging/chat and social networks continue to gain market share, email maintains its position as the leading form of business communication. This stat alone should make you stop and think about your real estate email marketing strategy and if it doesn’t, here’s one for you: 205 billion emails are sent every day, how do yours stand up to the competition?


What’s an Real Estate Email Drip Campaign?

Drip campaigns, sometimes referred to by other names—automated email campaigns, lead nurturing, autoresponders—are a set of emails that are automatically sent out on a schedule in an effort to connect with and ultimately win prospective leads. Rather than manually creating a series of emails and waiting to press “send” every few days, with the right email drip campaign you’ll be able to create personalized, scheduled and relationship-building emails that can be ready to go in minutes. It’s a multifaceted approach that will surely enhance your business, save you time and allow you to focus on closing more deals.

Doesn’t Automation Take Time to Set Up?

Yes, but also no. Like all successful strategies, an email drip campaign should take into consideration the target audience, specific messaging and your goal or call to action. Once you have these defined and set up your campaign template, simply press “start” and get on with other tasks.

For example, you could use real estate email drip campaigns to:

  • Respond to a prospective buyer or seller with information about yourself, market trends, current listings and/or testimonials from prior clients
  • Send out recruitment communications to grow your business

By automating your customer engagement, you’ll not only find yourself with more time to sell/buy real estate, but also hopefully with more time to enjoy pursuits outside your business.

So How Can I Take Advantage of Drip Campaigns?

With email drip campaigns for realtors you decide how many emails you want to send, what those emails should say and at what interval they should be sent – our real estate CRM suite does the rest. Utilize one of our default preloaded templates designed by Propertybase or create your own real estate marketing templates with the Drip Campaign Template Object. Once you’ve defined your messaging and chosen your template(s) you can activate a drip campaign from any Contact Record by selecting “Start Drip Campaign”.

Once you’ve received that all important response from your outreach, just go into the Contact Record and pause or stop the campaign. For a full review of the feature, click here and get ready to let drip campaigns work for you.


If you’re interested in learning more about Propertybase real estate CRM technology, automation, or have questions on how to streamline your business strategies, please contact us! Click on Request Demo at the top of the page or contact us via email at