How to Ensure a Successful CRM Implementation with Propertybase

September 18th, 2013 – in crm technology

A good implementation partner can be one of the best investments you’ll make in integrating a new CRM, so we’re spotlighting members of our global partner network. This week we sat down with President of Salesforce Superheroes, Tyler Hudson for a chat about what they have to offer our community of users, and reasons why you might want a CRM implementation partner when setting up Propertybase in your business.


Located in New Orleans, the Salesforce Superheroes (SHSH) are a division of Nerd Whisperers - a highly specialised team of Salesforce dedicated technical advisors. Their motto is “Communicating Technology with clarity”, and it’s a principle they stick to, in their work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. SFSH specialise in:

  • Propertybase On-boarding
  • Propertybase Customizations
  • Propertybase Training
  • ApexTM and VisualForceTM Customizations
  • Custom App Development


Propertybase: How long have Salesforce Superheroes been operating for, and what sort of work have they been doing?

Salesforce Superheroes: Since 2010. We have a full array of staff members from salesforce administrators to advanced programmers which has allowed us to work on projects that range from basic setup and training to fully customized and integrated applications. Our clients range from the small (a handful of employees) to the large (hundreds of employees). Salesforce Superheroes is a division of Nerd Whisperers LLC, completely dedicated to platform implementations.

PB: What services/value for money can customers expect from Salesforce Superheroes?

SFSH: With our staff based out of the New Orleans area, we have been able to offer quality services at a much lower price point than our counterparts in Silicon Valley. The focus of our company has always been to see the big picture and not get lost in the technicalities of programming. We aim to get you implemented fast, and roll out to your users quickly to help you achieve your goals with a CRM, and that all important return on investment.

PB: Why would a customer want or need an implementation partner?

SFSH: Propertybase is based on the cloud platform which is by far the most advanced in the industry. The platform allows for non-technical users to get up and running fast but what we typically see are clients who come to us after setting up their system in a less than optimal way and running for a few years. This puts a ceiling on the extent of the system’s capabilities and to rework the system years later is tremendously more expensive than doing it right the first time! Furthermore, we see many of our customers who have had Propertybase for quite some time and have only used a fraction of the out-of-the-box capabilities significantly impacting their ROI!

PB: What sort of real estate businesses can come to you for help?

SFSH: That has been one of the true joys of our work - we get to work with so many different types of businesses and learn about their unique models and processes. From hedge funds to dental offices to litigation firms - we have worked with many types of businesses!

PB: What made you decide you wanted to work with Propertybase as an implementation partner?

SFSH: We strive to be a company that makes its customers happy through quality code and customer service - it was clear that Propertybase was founded on the same core philosophies.

PB: What’s the best piece of advice you could give to customers thinking about using an implementation partner?

SFSH: Think of the platform as something that will grow and evolve as your company does. Have a grand vision for the platform but get there in stages, with each stage providing a valuable functionality. Don’t try to make the perfect system all at once, let it be a process.

The Propertybase Partner Program is a fantastic way for our users to get their hands on the best local technical talent around for their implementation project. Check out our full list of partners.

Author: Sara Regan