Build Email Templates Now To Save Time in the Future

With an abundance of “noise” in today’s world, effective communication is beyond essential. Clients want to hear from you, they want to hear from you immediately, and you need to be clear. According to a study by MIT, the most effective teams respond to new leads within 5 – 10 minutes. But how can your team meet this nearly instantaneous expectation?

Let’s assume an agent receives an email notification from a new lead. The response will need to be custom tailored with information specific to the inquiry (i.e. listing data), yet maintain the voice and integrity of your brand. Not only will they need to compose a response entirely from scratch, but they only have 5 – 10 minutes to complete it.

In today’s real estate industry, your businesses can’t afford to lose the time it takes to manually meet these expectations. To avoid this complication, many real estate teams take advantage of email templates within their real estate CRM.


How Email Templates Work

Instead of typing the same message to every client, your real estate team or agent(s) can create templates for specific instances. Create a message one time to be used as often as necessary. These templates can be configured to fill in important details automatically from the CRM fields that you select. An effective real estate CRM, like Propertybase, should provide ways to share property listings within the email template. It’s also important to seek a CRM with configurable branding options. Here, you can find example real estate email templates from Propertybase.

Email templates are necessary for marketing efforts like drip campaigns. But their bread and butter is to provide an opportunity to optimize relationships with new leads. They make it easier to communicate from the first interaction all the way to a closing deal.

Unleash Your Brand Potential

Give your business the leverage it needs to focus on what’s important. Your real estate agents and brokers are wasting valuable time without these critical tools. Email templates are more than a fill in the blank solution. Successful real estate professionals take full advantage of templates—creating a seamless user experience for them and the customer.

Brand and voice are significant to the client relationships you maintain. Creating your own template allows you to further this relationship with intention. Your messages will always arrive fully branded in a voice they can trust. Templates also provide consistency, helping new clients build familiarity with your business and brand.

Meet Your Communication Goals With Propertybase

Your team deserves every opportunity to succeed. If you’re looking for a fully capable CRM and marketing platform—complete with email template integration—it’s time to consider Propertybase.

Our platform is real estate ready and completely optimized for team environments. Don’t just take our word for it, experience it for yourself. Click Request Demo at the top of this page or email to try it now!