Optimize the Client Journey with a Real Estate CRM

There’s no question, today’s real estate clients are looking for a better buying and selling experience that is efficient, effective, and transparent. They want more ways to communicate with their agents and receive instant updates on their buying or selling status. If your real estate team takes too long to respond or fails to meet these new expectations, potential leads could avoid your business.

The good news is, a lead-to-close real estate CRM is a great solution for brokerages to deliver that elevated experience. The most effective CRMs provide a wide range of tools to custom tailor the client experience, and no one does this better than Propertybase.


Make Your First Impression Count

Your client journey begins with a winning first impression. First contact can take place in many different places like websites, portals, emails, or phone calls. It’s important to take a look at each of these areas and configure them for this first interaction.

Clients today want to know they can trust you. They want to know that your real estate business and its services are available when they need them most. You can start this new relationship on the right foot by giving them a first impression they can trust. So go ahead, create a perfect first impression.

Keep the Conversation Going

Once you’ve got the attention of a new lead, it’s important to build a solid relationship that is based on constant communication. Clients need steady checkpoints and timely updates. When a client reaches out to you, let them know that you hear them. With an effective CRM, you can guide this conversation and leverage technology to enhance your business relationship.

Here’s where automation plays a hand. Features, such as Propertybase’s Marketing Center, make it easy to schedule events, emails, and automate communications. All of these efforts help keep your business aton the top of your clients mind.

Be Prepared for Your Client

Today’s consumers take seriously how their personal information is handled. Information security is an excellent way to protect client data and provide another level of trust. Many businesses fail to meet this expectation by dividing their real estate data into many different applications. Client contact information might be stored in one database while contracts and property listings are in another. This structure is an excessive, time-consuming strain on real estate business.

A real estate CRM resolves this stress by adding security and providing a centralized location for data. This makes it possible for clients to access information, like property listings, anytime they please. Some even include features for clients to share real time updates to you and your team. A centralized system delivers everything your client needs to take their buying or selling journey at their own pace.

Start Off on the Right Foot with Propertybase

Give your leads the path they need to start their buying and selling experience. Your customers use the best in technology, so they expect modern technology with exceptional communication features to be used by you. Propertybase offers a library of real estate tools to help your business create a personalized client journey. Your presence is important every step of the way—from first contact to final contract. Try it for yourself by clicking Request Demo at the top of this page or emailing us at marketing@propertybase.com.