Visualize Success With Real Time Reporting

Where do you see your real estate business in one, two or even five years from now year? A better question might be, how well did your business perform last year?

It’s no secret that real estate businesses need to analyze past performance to help plan future decisions. Real estate businesses handle many different kinds of data and information. From client details to transaction archives, having a bird’s eye view of all your business information is necessary to creating effective quality metrics which enable better business decision-making. Without an effective CRM data reporting strategy, employees are left to gather information by hand and create reports one at a time—making this necessary component to your business a manual and laborious process.

Many of today’s real estate businesses are turning to real estate CRM & marketing platforms. These software platforms help automate many time consuming data analysis processes. CRM’s provide real time reporting, giving agents and brokers more time to focus on solutions and improvements.


How A CRM Collects Data

Finding the right real estate CRM can make data management a breeze. There’s no need to run between cabinets searching for important files—they’re all available in a central location. This single source file structure is known as centralized data.

Real estate CRM’s collect a wide variety of real estate data. You’ll find public information like property listings or contact forms, but also private information such as customer details, contact information, and transaction archives. Real estate CRM’s come with administrator tools necessary to ensure information is only made available to those with appropriate access. This flexibility allows the administrator (or Broker / Owner) to decide what level of transparency is appropriate for their business.

Increase Team Productivity With Instant Reporting

Agents and brokers have everything they need at the touch of their fingertips. Real estate CRM dashboards present teams with a comprehensive display of information. CRM’s, like Propertybase, provide visual elements, graphs, and charts, to make information sharing easy and intuitive. See how many leads have responded to your latest campaign or how many sales their presence accounts for. Fast response times are critical to lead conversion. Some dashboard tools provide lead activity in real time, giving your team the opportunity to establish contact with them immediately.

Real-time reporting offers valuable insight to your real estate business. By tracking things like campaign performance, lead response, and client behavior, teams can develop a plan custom- tailored to the needs of your business. Don’t just assume, use verifiable numbers to know how much pipe is needed to fill for agents each season. Crucial business decisions shouldn’t be made with guesswork. Reporting dashboards make it easier to understand your business from the inside and reach important goals.

Visualize Your Success With Propertybase

When it comes to finding a real estate CRM with an effective data reporting tool, you’ll be hard pressed to find one as comprehensive as Propertybase. Our developers created the tools your real estate business needs to thrive. See how your team is performing, share anything at a moments notice, and find out what your clients need from you the most.

Propertybase makes integrating this new technology simple. We understand the challenges that come with adopting a new CRM. But don’t just take our word for it—you can request a demo version to experience the program first hand. Just click Request Demo at the top of this page or email