Create a Winning First Impression with Propertybase

As a new lead enters your real estate business, first impressions make all the difference. Whether it’s a visit to your company website or an exchange of emails, this initial contact will set the tone for your new relationship. Your first impression is one of the best opportunities to convert leads into clients.

Real estate CRM applications offer many tools to help real estate businesses optimize their first impression for every step of the customers journey. From website integrations to email configuration, these features are a time saving necessity for real estate companies looking to get the most from their leads. Propertybase recently partnered with Boston Logic to bring your brand to life online with designer websites, providing a comprehensive set of tools to reach and grow your audience.

Websites are one of the first touchpoints that new leads visit, its really their first “experience” with your real estate business and brand. As such, it should be easy to change the look and layout of many elements; including menus, area profiles, one-click searches, agent rosters, featured properties, market insights, and much more.


Start With A Clear Voice

It’s no secret that building rapport is necessary for new client relationships. One of the best ways to provide assurance is with clear, consistent branding. Introducing brand consistency is much easier with a real estate CRM, Website & Marketing Platform.

The most efficient CRMs, like Propertybase, come with configurable branding tools and features like a Marketing Center and mass email capability. Real estate agents and brokers can use these features to include logos on documents, optimize contracts, and custom tailor various types of real estate content. For example, employees can use email templates to optimize messages for clients and new leads, and then schedule them to go out on a preferred date. All of these factors together create a clear, concise voice that aids in building consistent brand presence.

Reach New Leads With Perfect Timing

Timing is key for new client relationships. Responding within the first 5 minutes can increase client qualification up to 900%. Don’t miss out on new leads by making them wait for an email. By using a CRM, real estate agents and brokers can reach leads immediately. The right CRM can automate these features to guarantee your client is put first.

To follow up with leads, your team can schedule specific emails or reach out using drip campaigns. Automation is incredibly beneficial in the real estate world. It saves your team valuable time and provides your clients with much needed communication on a regular basis.

Always Send The Right Message

We know that reaching new leads in a timely manner is critical. But the message you send can make or break this new relationship. It’s necessary to make sure you communicate the right information to the right client at every touchpoint. Real Estate CRMs are perfect for agents and brokers who want to ensure their messages are sent with intent.

Email templates can be optimized for new leads or used to follow up with new clients. Which message your client receives depends on parameters you decide. Lead routing features are also used to target potential clients. CRMs, like Propertybase, can automatically connect your message with the most ideal lead. The Marketing Center tools — like drip campaigns and mass emailing—give your real estate team an optimized advantage.

Optimize Your First Impression With Propertybase

Your first impression needs to make an impact, and in most cases your first impression is your website. You can create relationships that last and convert leads into clients by investing in a professional real estate CRM like Propertybase. Build a winning first impression with specially designed website features that integrate directly with your real estate CRM. It’s time to make your voice clear and say hello to future customers.

Connecting Your Business With Scalable Technology

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