In Today’s Real Estate: Secure Your Data

One of the fastest growing areas of concern in real estate is data and information security. Brokerages and clients alike need to know their information is safe and protected – we touched on the topic of data in real estate earlier this year. For many real estate businesses, the liability is on them. They have to ensure their team and customers are met with industry standard data protection. Those who don’t can face serious consequences.


Types of Data Found in Real Estate

It’s no secret that real estate brokers, teams and agents work with a wide array of information. Real estate offices overflow with customer details, legal contracts, business archives, and much more. Ideally, this data is stored within a real estate CRM like Propertybase.

Data can vary in sensitivity. Understanding the different types necessary to knowing how to protect it. Some information, such as a property listing, is made public. Private information, such as client addresses or closings data, should be restricted so only those with specific credentials have access to it.

Why You Should Protect Real Estate Data

As a real estate business, it’s your responsibility to understand who owns what information and when to protect it. Failure to do so can result in serious consequences. Information spills can lead to criminal activity, such as identity theft. The liability of these mishaps will attribute to your business—often in a legal sense.

You also may need to consider government regulations on information security. Finding the right legal framework for your business to operate within is one of the best ways to ensure compliance and keep client information safe. These regulations can vary depending on where you’re located. For example, the EU GDPR recently implemented new data regulations that went into effect in May, 2018. Operating within legal guidelines is the best way to avoid penalties, fines, and other forms of litigation. Sidenote: The Propertybase Real Estate Platform complies with GDPR!

How a CRM for Real Estate Provides Data Security

Real estate CRM & Marketing Platforms provide a centralized location for all of your real estate data. Instead of breaking up critical files into multiple sources, like cabinets and spreadsheets, everything is stored in one place. Most importantly, you decide who has access to the information. Propertybase is built on top of Salesforce. Neither Propertybase or Salesforce can access, store, or share your information with anyone. Unlike some of those other real estate brands and technology platforms, we are completely data agnostic (and will remain that way) for our clients!

The right SaaS CRM is also protected with robust, professional IT services. Things like authentication protocols and account permissions provide an extra layer of data security and peace of mind.

Meet Your Data Security Goals With Propertybase

Propertybase tools are configurable, allowing you to regulate who receives access to what type of data through file permissions. With the right setup, an employee can or can’t access specific data, like contracts or client files.

Connecting Your Business With Scalable Technology

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