Tip of the Week: Categorize your Real Estate Contact Database

June 7th, 2013 – in crm tips propertybase

We understand that in the real estate industry, you need the ability to categorize and classify contacts in relation to their strategic importance, and type of business relationship. So how do you get the most business benefit out of categorizing contacts in Propertybase real estate database software?

Company Contacts v Individual Contacts

Individual Clients are contacts that you track, who are interested in your real estate business, but whose company affiliation might hold no wider strategic value, for example a family looking to buy a home. Company Contacts are business contacts that are specifically related to a company of interest, that you have created within Propertybase. Multiple contacts can be related to a company record, and all contacts related to that company can be viewed together, for example, multiple brokers working for a brokerage firm.

Contacts may end up changing from one categorization to another, but initial classification can aid in streamlining your approach and understanding of the contact, from a business perspective

The Contact Wizard

You can ensure your contacts are created and classified correctly with the Propertybase Contact Wizard. This wizard appears after clicking ‘New’ on the Contact object, providing a simple form where you can enter the contact information as an individual contact, or as a company contact.

Categorize your contact as an individual (with or without a company), link a company contact to an organisation currently in your system, or create a new company for the contact, all from the one wizard. For detailed information on using the Contact Wizard refer to our Knowledgebase entry here.

Contact Layout

Individual contacts and company contacts pages contain different information. The former exists independent of associations and contains information more relevant to what services you are providing them, whereas the latter exists in association with others in the same organisation, and may or may not be a sales opportunity.

You can customize contact information pages in your Propertybase incredibly easily, adding and removing fields to match your needs. Find out more about creating and managing contacts here

Why categorize?

Categorizing your contacts is of strategic advantage, especially if your enterprise spans a number of business areas. By classifying contacts, you’re able to maintain different types of business relationships more effectively, and ensure that your business grows both in sales, and in industry influence.

As a 360° enterprise solution, Propertybase gives you the ability to strategically manage all of your business and customer relationships, and segment your contacts more intuitively. So ditch the Rolodex, and all the disjointed contact management systems you never quite got around to updating. Manage your contacts in Propertybase, and centralize your strategic relationships.

We hope this tip of the week was helpful. Have you got a clever trick or tip you’d like to share with our community? Let us know in the comments, or via email.

Author: James Ibanez