Real Estate CRM: How to Organize Your Leads & Business Plan

February 18th, 2014 – in technology crm

As 2014 gets into full gear, we hope you have had some time to think about your business goals and how you plan to accomplish them. If you use customer relationship management (CRM) software for Real Estate business, plan a general clean-up. You'll want to avoid sloppy lead management by getting every contact into your CRM system in an organized fashion.

You could have some great leads hiding in your contacts thanks to the long buying cycle. You'll also gain a clear picture of your business path and where you need to go in 2014. Once those leads are organized, you'll see them clearer and you'll know where to begin.

While you're cleaning up the CRM, read every page of your website. Are they still useful, interesting and current? They need to be; you're not going to have time to nitpick this part of your business for long. Use this time to clean up any pieces of the site which aren't working for your business any longer.

Begin the business plan after this by Googling your company. You'll find your online profiles, and you'll see them from a buyer's point of view. Make sure all your profiles are updated with your current information, images and accolades. An online image is quickly becoming the first impression. Use the time you have free now to make sure your first impression shines. Respond to client complaints, comments and questions anywhere you can find them.

Next, write out how many sales you need this year to make your annual goal and highlight where your business will come from. CRM will help with your plan.

Finally, look over your specific market niche. Is it still accurate? If not, you may need to narrow or expand your client demographic to better suit your business. Make sure you can see yourself selling in this niche over the next year.

Author: David Goodrich