What is the Return on Investment for a Real Estate CRM?

For any new investment related to your real estate business, the general rule of thumb is that you should be able to show quantifiable returns on your decision. Plus, in addition to merely understanding those returns, they should be easily measured, monitored and reported on.

After all, anything that you’re spending your precious IT or marketing budget dollars on should be something that will ultimately drive new opportunities to your real estate business. So, measuring the ROI of your new real estate CRM is crucial!


How does a new CRM cut your monthly expenses?

Take a look at your inventory of programs and subscriptions. It’s likely you have a handful of programs that manage your marketing emails and campaigns. And you may have another one or two that store your business data, emails and customer profiles. Maybe you even have a third-party provider to organize your commissions or accounting functions. And how about programs that keeps all these systems integrated? Oh, and don’t forget about all those subscriptions or memberships you pay for and don’t actually use.

All of this software can really add up. If you’re investing in a real estate CRM system that can consolidate many, if not all of your tools and apps you’re paying hefty monthly fees for, that’s directly affecting your company’s bottom line. And that’s one heck of a story for positive ROI.

Are you increasing your marketing ROI with personalized email marketing campaigns?

If the needs and activities of your clients and prospects aren’t being managed and tracked through a central tool like a real estate lead management CRM, how effective can your agents be in maintaining those important relationships? It’s easy to quickly see the increase in engagement through your automated email marketing campaigns by dropping your clients and prospects into specific and targeted distribution lists to personalize their experience with you.

Luckily, once you’re working with your new Propertybase real estate CRM & marketing platform, it’s easy to track the successes of your agents with robust reporting dashboards. With the increased efficiency and customization, how could the ROI not go up?

How many potential buyers are you truly reaching with your listings?

Ugh. Making sure listings are out there for everyone to see, on the many different platforms they could possibly come across is, well, exhausting. So, agents often times won’t cover all their bases when it comes to marketing their properties.

It’s easy to see the ROI if you know exactly where your leads are coming from, and a quality real estate CRM system can do just that. Not only will agents know which sources bring them the most traffic, but they can push their listings to these important channels to maximize the exposure of their listings.

But, can you put a price tag on time?

Time is one of those intangible aspects of business that is always challenging to tie back to a specific return on investment. But in real estate time is also of the essence. Imagine how much time agents would save by streamlining their proposal and contract processes, automating their commission calculations, and providing snapshots for strong prospects or potential referral relationships.

As a leader in your real estate organization, it’s important to evaluate the ROI of your tools, but it’s also crucial to give your people the time and systems that will lead to their success. There are plenty of ways you can quantify and justify the spend on a CRM tailored to your real estate brokerage, but your commission-driven agents will embrace an efficient tool when it equals extra selling time. That will ultimately equal more business for the company.


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