4 Tips to Selling More Real Estate in the Winter

It’s no secret that buyers and sellers prefer the summer for their activities. Better weather and longer daylight hours means more opportunities for open houses and viewing homes. However, people still buy homes in the winter. Maybe they got a new job. Maybe they want to leave their neighborhood. Or maybe it’s because they saw your listing, staged in the snow. These tips for selling more real estate in the winter can improve your Realtors’ or agents’ transactions during the colder months.


Explain the Advantages

Tell potential buyers that looking for homes in the winter means less competition from other buyers. Fewer offers allows them to bid lower on a property. In addition, less Real Estate activity means more attention from both buying and selling agents. Finally, a home in less-than-perfect weather more readily reveals its flaws and features, such as in insulation and climate-control systems.

Know the Football Schedule

Much of winter is football season and many fans prefer to watch playoff games live on weekend afternoons, which is when you typically hold open houses. Check the schedule of your home team and schedule your showings before or after that time. Don’t assume that because husbands will be at home watching that the wives will be out looking. Couples prefer to shop for property together.

Bring in the Light

Between the shorter daylight hours and the cloudier days, home interiors are darker and gloomier than in the summer. Before any showings, either you or the owner should throw open all window coverings to let in natural daylight. Turn all lights for a boost of artificial brightness. Position mirrors, metallic accessories, and other shiny objects so that they catch any light and reflect it toward the room.

Stage for the Snow

In areas with ice and snow, tell the owners to keep the path to the front door clear. This may mean regularly shoveling snow or adding salt. Hiring a service to do that can be a worthwhile investment if the owners can’t do it themselves. Buyers are only going to view a property if they can get inside it.