10 Reasons Every Broker Should Use a Real Estate CRM Lead System

Being a successful real estate broker can sometimes feel like overseeing a dozen completely different businesses all at the same time. Your agents probably manage their own clients. And it’s likely they each have their own unique process and style when it comes to generating and closing business.

But as the broker and business owner, this approach can make your processes, reporting and planning efforts that much more challenging, right?

Would using a real estate CRM system help your brokerage run more smoothly?


Answering this question really comes down to the type of real estate CRM system you are considering. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool is designed to help your agents manage their potential, current and past relationships with buyers and sellers. But a real estate brokerage management platform should be doing a heck of a lot more than just managing your contacts and housing meeting notes.

A lead-to-close real estate CRM tool tackles the entire sales cycle – from the initial interest of a potential buyer or seller to the follow up and relationship maintenance beyond the sale. But let us break it down more clearly for you.

Here are 10 reasons why you should be using a lead-to-close CRM tool to manage your real estate business.

1. You can stop wasting your time on what doesn’t work.

Usually without even realizing it, your agents are testing dozens of different approaches to lead generation with their everyday sales efforts. What if you could capture those powerful analytics in one place, and start implementing a strategy based on your agents’ successes?

2. You can get back to those clients that want immediate responses.

Whether you like it or not, we live in a world of instant gratification. Some potential clients will even reach out to a handful of agents and work with the first one that gets back to them. A lead-to-close real estate CRM system will be getting back to your prospective clients with automatic, personalized e-mails to let them know you’re working on their request so you won’t miss out on leads when you’re busy at a closing.

3. Your potential clients will recognize your brand.

Using a real estate referral tracking software designed to generate leads will also optimize your branding so that it’s consistent across all touch points. And an easily recognized brand means repeat business and a highly successful referral network for your brokerage.

4. You won’t need an assistant.

You know the story. Successful agent misses out on two potential new clients because the inquiries came in during a showing, or agent forgets if big new client wanted a colonial or craftsman because they jotted down their call notes on the back of an electric bill. The answer isn’t an assistant. The answer is a using a comprehensive real estate CRM.

5. You’ll go green!

Automation. It’s the name of almost every game in our redefined digital world. And what has your real estate CRM done for you lately? Well, it’s about finding one that will automate your marketing across all digital channels so your agents can spend that extra time selling, and less time printing flyers and mailers.

6. You’ll collaborate more.

When your entire office has their hands in different systems, how exactly can they cover for each other or collaborate on their relationships? The answer? They can’t. With a proper CRM in place, your agents, admins and owners can share insights, reports and action plans to ensure no contact, lead or opportunity falls through the cracks.

7. You’ll be answering a lot less questions from your colleagues.

Has your contract been submitted? Did you reply to Joe Schmoe’s request for that showing tomorrow? Is your property even on the market anymore? Using a real estate CRM that focuses on every aspect of the business and relationship means that all those important answers to your colleagues’ questions are safely in one place.

8. You’ll know where your business stands with the click of a button on your dashboards.

It’s all right there in your lead-to-close real estate CRM dashboard. And reporting is easy. You can get a comprehensive snapshot of the health of your business ten minutes before you walk into your Monday sales meeting.

9. You understand your client relationships.

Every touch point. Every showing. Every click or e-mail open. You’ll know more about your clients than perhaps you even ever wanted to.

10. Your business will be process driven, with no surprises.

Using a real estate CRM throws the manual processes out the window and focuses on consistency and automation. If everyone is using the same system to submit contracts or push out marketing e-mails, the guesswork is gone.

A lead-to-close real estate CRM system doesn’t just make your life easier, it improves your relationships and increases the profitability of your real estate brokerage. It just might help you keep your sanity, too.


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