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By simple nature of the business, successful Real Estate professionals have that personal touch, organization and the proper follow-up skills required to ensure a lead moves to closing, versus dying out during the engagement process. This “human factor” is what many potential clients look for in an agent, broker or business partner. Yet, in today’s high-speed, competitive, digital world, how do you, the-agent/broker/developer, begin to develop the necessary skills to make relationships “stick” in order to close more deals?


The answer: Automation technology. It’s a trend that is not to be feared, but rather embraced!

The goal of any automation is to seamlessly integrate with your current processes to improve results. If you’re currently NOT using any form of real estate marketing automation, you may have a structure that allows potential clients to reach out to an “inquiry” email; but, this email goes to one inbox or heaven forbid blasted to many! Or perhaps your leads flow through an MLS only to be cached in a clustered backend only available via an outdated exported Excel file.

In Real Estate, working with the proper CRM automation tool, an agent or broker can access and manage an entire database of clients from a single platform, pinning multiple clients with pre-defined real estate email marketing campaigns or personalized listings, while still maintaining that “human factor” that’s so vital in Real Estate. At its highest level, proper automation technology in your CRM will allow for leads to be effectively funneled into and worked through your pipeline. At Propertybase, powered by Salesforce, we created Front Desk, which we recently touched upon that delivers on this exact need.

Are you asking yourself, “but this sounds like a lot of technology and invested time in educating myself or my team”? Our response is simple: automation wouldn’t be a valuable trend if it wasn’t catching on. Remember, the goal of automation is to increase effectiveness, not decrease it. In time, you’ll learn that utilizing a real estate CRM increases your time management productivity, ability to manage more leads and close them faster. Most importantly, you will have more time to build relationships and help to redefine the real estate buying and selling process for your clients. Need more proof that automation makes sense in your efforts? Check out the three reasons highlighted in Marketing Automation Insider’s infographic.

With the assistance of automation, you’ll supercharge your brokerage’s workflow, while simultaneously maintaining the personalization that is still soundly rooted in the foundation of Real Estate. You will also organically gain a 360° view of your client’s needs and have the alerts and time necessary to react and service those clients. Contact us at Propertybase or sign-up for a free demo to learn how our single-solution CRM for Real Estate can improve your strategies.


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