Customer Support

Propertybase offers all clients support plans that act as an extension of your team. Choose from two unique support plans designed to fit your business needs.

Support Levels Basic Premier
Price Included 15 per user / per month*
Support Cases Unlimited Unlimited
Response Time 48 Hours 8 Hours
Online Video Library Included Included
Call Back Support Not Included Included
Live Screen Support Not Included Included
Consultant Support Not Included Included
Assigned Case Manager Not Included Included 50 users or above
Internal Health Check Not Included Included 50 users or above
*Pricing in company currency (usd, gbp, eur)

Onboarding Package Options

At Propertybase we require all clients to go through an efficient onboarding process. Onboarding is crucial to helping us understand your needs, so that we can provide you with the tools and training necessary to configure your CRM to match your specific business needs.

Adoption Package

Adoption Package is designed as an orientation for clients who are tech savvy and ready to dive into Propertybase on their own.

Quickstart Package

Quickstart is optimized to cover the most necessary topics and functions of Propertybase.

Premier Package

Premier Onboarding is our first-class implementation package, designed to cover features and functions in great detail.

Service/Feature Description Adoption Package Quickstart Onboarding Premier Onboarding 3rd Party Consultants

Minimum Number of Users

All 4+ users 4+ users

Estimated Completion Time

  14 days 30 days 60 days  

Standard Support

Train/utilize the standard support system;
train support resources
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Training topics:
- Train on how to utilize standard support system
- Help center overview
- Ticket creation best practices

Basic Data Import

Import of customer data based on service package using provided Propertybase Excel templates;
1-on-1 admin training/planning
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Training topics:
- Template overview
- Data import
- Data verification

Included customizations:
Adoption Package: Import your contacts via an Excel template

Quickstart and Premier: Import basic contacts, companies and listings data via Excel templates

Additional customizations:
Advanced multi object data import can be scoped out and priced separately
Might apply

Propertybase Overview

Step by step introduction to the Propertybase process;
1-on-1 admin training/planning
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Training topics:
- Basic overview of the Propertybase process
- Standard & custom objects

User Management Tranining

User setup and license assignment training & setup;
1-on-1 admin training/planning
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Training topics:
- User setup
- License assignment

Included customizations:
- Create up to 5 users with your admin
- Assign correct licenses to users

Basic Configuration Training

Fields, page layouts, views/filters training & setup;
1-on-1 admin training/planning
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Training topics:
- Views/filters
- Fields
- Page layouts

Front Desk

Setup your automated lead capturing;
front desk overview

PB Template Adjustments

Adjust the Propertybase send wizard templates to utilize your logo and company colors;
1-on-1 admin training/planning
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Training topics:
- Adjust template logo
- Adjust template colors

Email Marketing

Training on using our proprietary email marketing tool and drip campaigns;
1-on-1 admin training/planning

User Training

1 Live webinar that is recorded for end user training
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Training topics:
- Use cases for end users (activity tracking, call tracking etc.)


Workflow rules, approval processes, process builder, formulas & action plans, templates training/setup;
1-on-1 admin training/planning
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Training topics:
- Workflow rules
- Approval processes
- Process builder
- Formulas fields
- Action plans
- Communication templates training/setup


Reporting and dashboard training/setup;
1-on-1 admin training
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Training topics:
- Reporting overview
- Creating reports
- Creating dashboards

Data Permissions and Security

Train & implement security structure (ORG wide defaults, object privacy, manual, automated, groups and apps);
1-on-1 admin training for security structure
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Training topics:
- Profile overview
- Organization wide defaults
- Object privacy
- Manual/automated sharing of records
- Public groups overview
- Role hierarchy overview
- Apps overview

Custom Record Types

Implement custom record types to better segregate data with field sets and page layouts;
1-on-1 admin training on record types
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Training topics:
- Segregating data with record types
- Page layout assignment

Portal Integration

Integrate Propertybase with popular 3rd party real estate portals
(check availabilty here)

Excludes North America

Lead Routing

Automatic contact distribution to sales agents      

Advanced Data Import

Any objects outside of contacts, listings and companies need to be scoped out and priced separately      

Website Integration

Integrate Propertybase with your own website to collect contact data and display listing information      

Email Client Integration

Connect Outlook, Goggle Apps, etc. to your Propertybase ORG      

MLS Integration

Only for North America      

Additional training

3 hours of training based on your requirements, whenever you need it!
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Our success reps will sort out any kind of your questions like...
- configurational changes, e.g. adding commercial/residential process to your existing setup
- automations
- intro for new admins or new users
- new templates required
- questions on data cleansing
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The Propertybase Customer Success team provides a variety of training and educational options to help you continually optimize your real estate CRM.

Training Type Description Price
Additional Administrator Training We will use the 'Train the Trainer' approach to teach your company adminstrator best practices and show them how to correctly set up Propertybase 150 per hr, 3 hour minimum*
Data Import Training Our data migration experts will train your administrator on the Data Loader and best practices for cleaning up data prior to migrating into Propertybase 150 per hr, 3 hour minimum*
Onsite User Training Our training staff will come onsite and train your organization and help you define best practices for your company Contact Sales
*Pricing in company currency (usd, gbp, eur)