Every Business is Unique. Your CRM Should Reflect That.

Propertybase Salesforce Edition combines various features to mold your CRM to fit your real estate business—the information you collect, the dashboards that help you visualize that data, automated workflows, and even the language and currency used.

Why Propertybase Salesforce edition?

Both Propertybase Salesforce Edition and Propertybase GO offer a core suite of customer relationship management tools that include lead and contact management, email marketing, automated follow-up, listing management, business reporting, and Propertybase websites.

Propertybase Salesforce Edition is a great fit for those who want:

A standalone CRM

(use it with Propertybase websites or a website of your choice)

Support for international operations

Advanced reporting and workflows

A native mobile app


Power your unique business with Propertybase Salesforce Edition

Elegant, Efficient Reporting and Dashboards

In a busy real estate operation, things move fast. You need a real estate CRM platform that can provide a snapshot of your operations and update you on performance across your team… in real time.

Propertybase keeps you in the loop with easy-to-use dashboards that cover everything from finances and marketing efforts, to lead generation and agent leaderboards.

There’s a mobile app, so you can access data anywhere, at any time. And of course, you can share reporting and dashboards with team members to keep everyone on the same page and pushing toward team goals.