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October 1st, 2013 – in miscellaneous

Propertybase is passionate about great coffee. However, our love of fantastic java is second only to our obsession with great real estate technology. If loving them is wrong, then heck, we don’t wanna be right.

Whether it’s our Berkeley Team sipping on Verve roasters Guatemala Aliso or our German office pulling a shot of Hausbrandt espresso, we count on quality brain fuel. Like any good preoccupation, we realized some interesting parallels between coffee and the state of real estate CRM technology. In short, it’s all about standards, and experience. Everyone loves a good list, right?

1. Bad Coffee leaves a bitter taste in your mouth

We meet clients regularly who have been burned by bad experiences. Some lost a lot of money on a bad solution, or didn’t get what they thought they had signed up for. Either way, they were left feeling cheated, and very wary of trying again.

All we can say to these clients, is ‘Believe us, we’ve been there’. Where do you think the idea for Propertybase came from? A series of non-industry specific solutions, that didn’t do the job we wanted them to do!

A system that does not work for you is like drinking a bad cup of coffee; you might finish it because you paid for it, but you’ll dread every sip. Not mention the fact that your staff will sneak around the corner for a nice coffee in their lunch breaks.

2. There’s No Going Back From Good Coffee

I recall something going around the internet at one point about not giving your employees good coffee, because it will raise their standards. Now that’s just crazy!

Ignorance may be bliss for some, but we’re pretty sure not at the expense of your business’ bottom line. Experiencing something better simply raises your standards, and high standards is always a good thing. It may even help you retain more quality staff members.

A good cup of coffee can change your perspective. A great CRM can change the way you manage and use your data, and the standards you are willing to tolerate in your systems, and real estate business.

3. All Coffee is Not Equal

We are not saying that ‘Big Coffee’ is bad at what they do, but they don’t live for coffee. While the shop serving caffeinated milkshakes may be your perfect fix, their version of coffee is a milky, watered down confection - not the real thing. Their product caters to the mass market, and the only thing that sets you apart is your name scribbled on the cup.

When you go to a coffee shop where the barista takes their coffee seriously, and delights in your satisfaction of their product, that’s when you get what you want. Why? Because they understand your requirements and your passion. If this comic from the Doghouse Diaries is anything to go by, then how you have your coffee also says a lot about who you are, although we aren’t too sure about their scientific proof …

Like different preferences in coffee, people use CRM in very different ways depending upon their role in your company. When you hop on down to the coffee shop to pick up an order for your office, you expect there to be a good enough selection of customization options, or beverages choices to cater for everyone on your order sheet. Sure, you could order one type for everyone, but getting them to drink and enjoy it is another thing.

As with your cup of coffee, modern real estate technologies can come in different sizes and shapes. Due in no small part, to the flexibility of cloud technologies you have control over what your ‘order’ will look, feel and function like. Unlike coffee, there can never be too much good CRM. Finding the right technology is extremely important to the productivity and happiness of your team, as well as key to more effectively understanding your customers.

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Now we’re not trying to convince you to turn into coffee addicts, like us, but we do believe that just like bad coffee, life is too short for bad CRM. So go make yourself a coffee (a good one), pick up the phone, and make the first thing you do today, talking to someone about a better CRM.

What hot beverage do you think good CRM compares to in real estate? A good ‘ol cup of joe, or a spiced pumpkin latte; a Starbucks or an artisan boutique? Tell us in the comments, and be sure to share this article with all of those caffeine addicts in your office.

Author: Sara Regan