Technology for Real Estate: CRM Automation & More

It’s no secret that the 21st century has been one rapid journey through technological advances across all industries and sectors. The real estate industry hasn’t been exempt from these changes, and has left brokers and agents wondering what real estate technology means for the status quo and the future.

Some companies even believe they can make the agent or broker obsolete. So, is it time for real estate agents to innovate or hunker down and do what they do best?

There are a handful of reasons why the real estate industry has to carefully innovate without losing its human touch, after all this industry is founded on relationships. However, allow us to urge you to rethink the way you work with your clients and how you can take control of your business growth.


Relationships + Technology equal a winning hand

Sure, a home search can be done online or put into an algorithm, but can it ever really be entirely replaced by a non-human? Can a computer empathize with and understand a new homeowner? Will a piece of technology offer outstanding customer service? The real estate industry has always been a relationship-building focused endeavor and even we don’t see technology being able to ever truly replace that. At Propertybase, we’ve set out to make sure we’re connecting businesses with the right technology for real estate, so you can improve those personal relationships.

Use technology when it makes your business better

While technology can’t replace the human element of the real estate industry, there are some ways in which innovation can improve how you work with clients. Through electronic documents, video emails (like BombBomb), virtual reality, mobile lock boxes and online listings, the real estate industry is improving its efficiencies by embracing new technology for real estate. Not only is it easier than ever to run a real estate business, clients are reaping the benefits of these innovations.

Automation allows for improved workflow

Another example of how technology can actually improve in-person relationships with real estate clients is the introduction of automation to interact with clients. Marketing tools and a robust real estate CRM can take the guesswork out of growing or maintaining important client relationships with processes like email drip campaigns for realtors, automated lead routing, personalized outreach, etc. When real estate agents and brokers let their CRM dashboard work for them, they free up time to concentrate on “dollar productive tasks,” marketing decisions and scale their business.

Boots on the ground still has its advantages

The value-add that so many real estate professionals bring to their clients is not just their technology and automation, but their local knowledge. For residents relocating from other areas or investing from afar, this insight is priceless. No computer can articulate the best neighborhoods, the quality school districts and that smell of the retention pond on Route 12. Real estate agents and brokers know their expertise is priceless, especially for those clients that aren’t sure where to turn to.

Technology continues to change our daily lives, but for some industries there remains a need for the human element. Real estate technology may be evolving, but the tradition of the industry isn’t. So, if you’re starting to question whether you need to bring on the right technology partner, start your research on review websites, such as FitSmallBusiness, to learn more about tools like our Propertybase Real Estate CRM & Marketing platform.


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