Propertybase Expands Partnerships – Integrates Cirrus Insight To Eliminate Manual Data Entry

One of the biggest pains many Real Estate brokerages have is trying to use a single CRM platform to manage their entire lead-to-close pipeline. Many brokerages use outdated systems, leverage simple Excel sheets, or are forced to utilize a variety of different applications (many of which may not sync together) to move leads through the pipeline to closing.


As the leading global CRM for Real Estate professionals, Propertybase has always been committed to providing brokerages with a single all-in-one solution to manage their entire Real Estate Business. Our product and partnerships help more than 1,000 global brokerages in over 60 countries better manage their Real Estate leads and close more deals in a shorter time period.

With that commitment in mind, Propertybase is very pleased to announce our latest partnership integration with Cirrus Insights! Watch the video below and learn how to integrate your inbox with Propertybase.

Cirrus gives Real Estate professionals the ability to virtually eliminate time consuming data entry within the Propertybase system, allowing Agents to instantly sync their existing email accounts with the Propertybase platform. Integrating Cirrus into Propertybase has had dramatic results for our existing clients, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. With this integration, Propertybase clients have the ability to:

  • Utilize existing Email accounts synced with Propertybase to:
    • Instantly create new contacts and edit records
    • Log calls and track activities
    • Sync all email and calendar events with Propertybase
  • Gain Actionable Insight:
    • Track email open rates and link clicks
    • Instantly view lead and contact information
    • Send and analyze email campaigns (up to 500 at a time)

If you’re interested in learning more about Propertybase Real Estate CRM technology, our valued partnership integrations, or have questions related to your business needs, please contact us! Visit us at to sign up for a free demo trial, or contact us via email at