Google Apps CRM Integration for Real Estate

June 10th, 2009 – in propertybase

The chances of your using one of more of Google’s free productivity tools is extremely likely, so Propertybase has created integrations to make sure you get the best of all your favourite google apps.

As Google continues to expand and dominate the world of free online productivity tools, it only makes sense to integrate it with your daily real-estate solution, Propertybase.

Propertybase now incorporates the following Google apps:

  • Gmail - Automatically log emails you send from Gmail as activities in Propertybase.
  • Google Docs - Associate online Google documents with Propertybase records.
  • Google Docs Tab - Easily access all your Google documents from a central location in Propertybase.
  • Gmail Button and Links - Add these buttons and links to your Property base pages with a CRM Gmail integration, making it one-click easy for users to compose Gmail messages and log email activities.
  • Google Talk Sidebar - Add Google Talk directly to the Propertybase sidebar to encourage real-time, face-to-face communication among your users.

Additional plug-ins:

  • Calendar & Contacts Sync for Propertybase and Google Apps

Think about it. Propertybase exists entirely online, taking care of all your real estate needs with no client-side software at all. Google Apps and Gmail exist entirely online, providing solutions for almost every business need, with no client-side software at all.

Have you reached the point where you can do all of your business “in the cloud?” Can you give up the computer and do all your work from a lightweight netbook, or even a smartphone, anywhere in the world? A new day is dawning.

Editor's note: In case of Gmail there is a native Gmail in Salesforce integration. For all other Google Apps you need to rely on a third party integration such as Cirrus Insight. For more information please have a look at this tutorial on Integrating Salesforce and Google Apps.

Author: Max-Michael Mayer