Map Real Estate Floor Plans On The Run With MagicPlan

Would a Real Estate app that has already been voted the No. 1 iPhone and iPad utility in dozens of countries be of interest? Sensopia’s MagicPlan app ingenuously harnesses the substantial computing power of an iOS mobile device, allowing you to create commonly requested floor plans without any measuring tools.


A true productivity tool — Remove a bottleneck that may have arisen in your business. Have you ever tried to explain, to a potential or existing client, why you can’t grant their request for floor plans? The use of MagicPlan can address client needs and simultaneously demonstrate your tech savvy side.

One use: High-rise condos — Those involved in high-rise condominium rentals or sales will find this app to be particularly helpful. Prospective buyers and renters will often want to see floor plans that vary floor by floor. Their newfound ability to visualize how clients’ furniture might fit into the space will add to client convenience and interest.

How it works — First point an iPhone or iPad camera at each of the corners of the room, taking one photograph after another in succession. As long as you successfully aim your device at the room’s corner, the presence of furniture does not impede the creation of a digital floor plan. Once you’re armed with a floor plan of each room of your listing, stitch together the individual rooms right in the app to create a complete floor plan of the home or other property. The versatility of this app does not end there. Once created, the floor plan can be downloaded in a variety of file formats: PDF, DXF and JPEG. For many Realtors, the important news is that the floor plan can be converted to HTML. Imagine the added professional quality your website will have with selected floor plans viewable right on your site.

As an iOS app, MagicPlan is available in Apple’s App Store. An Android version also exists in the Google Play store.