Video Marketing in Real Estate: Adapt or Become Irrelevant

For Real Estate professionals who have tried to use YouTube videos as a marketing tool with little success, now may be the time to revisit the idea. Real Estate industry insiders are often including video with their content. It may be surprising to realize that streaming video on the Internet, in any form, is only about a half-decade old.


Michael Smythe, a Realtor and the author of a book on video marketing, advocates a 90-second video in which the agent speaks directly to a prospective buyer or seller. He readily acknowledges that this can be a somewhat intimidating step to take, and that many would probably prefer to remain comfortably in their offices writing ad copy.

A Friend Offering Helpful Tips

Smythe suggests that the very personal nature of such a video makes it the most powerful marketing tool to come along since the open house. For those weary of billboards, banner ads and cold-calling, he suggests the 90-second video. Tips and insider tricks will identify you to a viewer more as a “helpful friend,” and less as a salesperson. Take the very personal nature of this video streaming straight to one’s smart phone and add helpful, friendly content to achieve success.

Be An Early Adopter

Early adopters of this idea may enjoy that much more success simply because so few are doing it. Everyone, potential home and commercial Real Estate buyers included, is looking to the smartphone as a virtual appendage; it’s become that important. As a result, the potential audience for well-placed videos, whether they feature the agent or the property, is expanding exponentially. There is a conduit running directly from agents to targeted clients. Fill that conduit with video, and the rewards may be substantial.