CRM Gmail Integration Benefits with Cirrus Insight

Integrate your Propertybase Real Estate CRM with your Gmail Inbox, using Cirrus Insight, a fantastic tool that finally puts Propertybase and your email inbox hand-in-hand. Log emails, activities, edit and create records, and integrate your calendars, all with the click of a mouse. Read on to learn more about our CRM Gmail integration, and get a 20% discount.


In the last few weeks we talked about using Actions to speed up your data entry, and a number of other productivity tools that are available right in Property base through Google Apps CRM integration. As you can see we’re pretty obsessed with tools that reduce time consuming busy work. If you’re like a majority of real estate professionals, you spend most of your desk-time either in your inbox or your CRM. Now you can put the two together, to get all the power of your CRM right there in your Gmail inbox.

CRM Gmail Integration Can Maximize Time & Reduce Effort

Leads get lost in real estate and crucial client information gets misplaced – it happens in every industry – but it doesn’t have to be this way. Maybe you’ll answer an email, but neglect to enter the data into your CRM, or forget to set a reminder to follow up. Either way agents are notorious for having maxed out inboxes and too little time at the desk to nurture all their incoming leads and current customers.

Cirrus Insight helps to make sure the most important information from your inbox gets into your CRM with little to no effort. Thanks to the brilliant work of the team at Cirrus Insight, gmail can now be a powerful sales and productivity tool, instead of something you dread. Cirrus sits inside your inbox, providing full access to your Propertybase contacts, and allowing you to create and edit your CRM records on the fly.

Cirrus Insight will make CRM easy for your time poor agents, and provide an invaluable tool for them to make sure emails stop getting lost, and records are easily maintained and updated. Create events such as showings or stagings around a particular contact, and associate tasks related to or separate from emails, with everything 100% synced to Propertybase. Take a quick look at this introduction to Cirrus video, to get a feel for the way they like to go about getting things done.

Cirrus Insight integrates with Propertybase to give you access to your database, without having to change tabs, or windows.

Cirrus 101

Cirrus can be installed with a one click setup. Just enter your Propertybase login and away you go.

Just refresh your inbox, and after a quick click-through tour Cirrus has already transformed your inbox into a productivity tool, with your contacts color coded for easy identification, and all of your essential tools right where you need them. Cirrus is so easy to use, and such a time saving tool that within minutes you could be using it to make gmail your secret weapon instead of a burden.

We’ll be producing some tutorials on how to use Cirrus Insight with your Propertybase inbox, but in the meantime take Cirrus out for a spin with Propertybase. There’s a 14-Day Trial to take advantage of, so you can see if it’s right for you. We guarantee you’ll be impressed. Want 20% off Cirrus Insight with Propertybase? Just have a chat with your Account Executive, to get a hold of this amazing discount. Not a Propertybase user yet? Take us for a spin!