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June 28th, 2016 – in propertybase crm technology

Integrating your real estate website with Propertybase is as simple as it possibly gets. Using our robust API and Webservices to push data back and forth, you can create compelling web interfaces in no time. If you are starting from scratch we even provide you with a sample implementation. In this blogpost we want to showcase 10 highly functional and beautifully designed website integrations developed by our clients all over the world.

Our clients work hard to craft exceptional websites to show off their real estate listings and generate lots of inquiries. They use modern web technologies, provide great User Experiences and come up with powerful and flexible filtering tools to narrow down properties. Besides the classic list and grid views, many make use of interactive maps inviting visitors to explore. Now see for yourself!

1. Amity Real Estate

Amity's website amity.com.au

2. Rosano Partners Commercial Real Estate Services

Rosano Partner's website rosanopartners.com

Want to learn more about this project? Check out the integration details outlined by one of our partners.

3. Kiawah Island Real Estate

Kiawah Island's website kiawahisland.com

4. Daniel Island Real Estate

Daniel Island's website danielisland.com

5. iBuyNew

ibuynew's website


6. The Cliffs

The Cliffs' website cliffsliving.com

Want to learn more about this project? Check out The Cliffs' specific requirements and the solution our partner came up with.

7. Redbank North Richmond

Redbank's website redbankrichmond.com.au

8. Walnut Cove Realty

Walnut Cove's website walnutcoverealty.com

9. Macquarieyork

Macquarieyork's website macquarieyork.com.au

10. Downtown International

Downtown International's website downtowninternational.com

Author: Peter Siegl