Creating outstanding CRM web integrations: A custom solution by We Design LA

Promoting your client’s listings on your website, landing pages or in marketing campaigns is a fundamental component of the job. However, inputting data and tacking responses are tedious, time consuming activities. This is why it’s crucial to implement technology that pushes the data from your CRM to your marketing channels, and which pulls responses from your marketing back into your CRM. To remove this bottle neck from our clients work load Propertybase Real Estate CRM has partnered with We Design LA to built world class CRM web integrations.


We Design LA is a full-stack digital agency shaping brands that stand out from the masses. To achieve this goal they apply a meaningful creative strategy and implement their vision using modern web technologies.

We Design LA has completed a variety of projects with our clients including Rosano Partners (read the full case study) by integrating our platform with custom real estate websites and marketing campaigns. The focus in each project was to the create a seamless connection between the data stored in Propertybase and the client’s website including:

  • Building property pages with connected agent profiles
  • Auto-syncing status of property availability
  • Displaying listing data on an interactive and filterable map
  • Collecting data from the website and passing it back into the sales lead funnel in Propertybase

To solve all of these challenges, We Design LA came up with a dynamic API connector that works between WordPress and Propertybase’s robust API. The connector enables an automatic sync of agent and listing data, images and downloadable documents. Building on this, We Design LA creates a dynamic interactive User Experience which is turning heads and providing outstanding results.

We Design LA clients have seen a 200% uplift in customer traffic and property page engagement and 5x increase in generated leads and property detail requests. Best of all the data is flowing automatically into Propertybase CRM which ensures that no leads slip through the cracks.

WordPress Propertybase integration