black lives matter propertybase

Propertybase Stands with the Black Community

We have sat in silence for too long. On too many occasions fundamental human and constitutional rights have been denied. Liberty and justice have been disregarded. Systematic racism and violence have affected Black Americans for far too long. Black Lives Matter. As a nation, we need to bring an end to the unjustifiable racism that caused the tragic killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others.

This treatment of our fellow Americans is unacceptable. Propertybase stands in solidarity with the Black community and those fighting to end systematic racism, inequality, and outrageous prejudices that have divided us for far too long. We all play a critical role in creating an equitable society that wholly and truly embraces the pursuit and power of diversity.

Propertybase is committed to honoring diversity in our workplace, in our communities, and throughout the country. We realize words without actions are meaningless and have committed to the following:

We need to do more. We need to be better. We will continue to ask challenging questions and listen. We must work to root out racism in our society, further educate ourselves on how to embrace diversity, and work together to put an end to social injustice once and for all.