Propertybase Expands Partnerships – Integrates Clearview Elite to Increase Development Team Efficiency

Studies have shown that only 25% of all leads generated for a real estate development have an interest to purchase any time soon. The problem is that sales teams don’t know who they are.

Not knowing which Contacts to reach out to or exactly when is expensive. It can extend the sales cycle and result in prolonged sell outs, costing developers hundreds of thousands in unneeded marketing expenses.


At Propertybase we understand the importance of a more efficient sales team and the impact it has on a developer’s bottom line. This is why we are excited to announce our latest partnership with Clearview Elite, a professional lead response and sales efficiency firm catering to luxury real estate developments around the world.

Now Propertybase customers can know specifically which Contacts are showing the most interest in their real estate development and exactly when. Sales teams don’t have to worry about dialing for dollars, hoping to find a pulse in their database anymore.
Clearview Elite’s clients are loyal to the system and have been relying on it daily since they started in 2010. Now, with the Clearview Elite plugin, Propertybase users can upgrade their sales process and move buyers through the due diligence and purchase process faster.

With Propertybase and Clearview Elite, you can now:

  • Inspire and impress your new prospects
    • Ditch the uninspiring PDF brochure – replace it with a custom, web based Clearview Sales Presentation
    • Instant and automatic delivery to new web inquiries – or send it manually to walk-ins
    • Know who to reach out to and when – receive real-time activity alerts when Contacts open the Presentation
    • Know who’s serious – all viewing activity stored in Propertybase – total views, which pages, when and how often
    • Prioritize for a more efficient workday – daily morning reports show which Contacts are viewing the Presentation the most
  • Generate leads with a next generation referral platform
    • Referral partners promote your property – referral partners can represent your Clearview – Presentation as their own and deliver it privately to their databases
    • Total transparency – the Presentation’s smart lead gen form notifies both you and your referral partner of new leads automatically
    • Unlimited promotion – Invite as many referral partners in as many feeder markets as you choose
    • Control the content – Any changes (pricing / inventory) you make to a Clearview Presentation is automatically synced to all referral partner presentations
    • If you’re interested in learning more about Propertybase Real Estate CRM technology, our valued partnership integrations, or have questions related to your business needs, please contact us! Visit us at to sign up for a free demo trial, or contact us via email at