Personal fitness training at Propertybase

May 11th, 2016 – in propertybase miscellaneous

If you have an office job you know that sitting for 8+ hours a day is not ideal for your neck, back and your overall mobility. It is nothing new that a healthy body is the basis for mental capacity. That's why our Munich office provides a new perk since the beginning of this year: our own fitness professional David Macke.

David is a licensed personal trainer, nutritional adviser and qualified cardio trainer based in Munich. He worked for several fitness studios and since 2014 he went freelance as personal trainer.

Once a week David joins us in our office for one and a half hours and cares for our fitness and flexibility. Based on an individual assessment, David came up with a targeted training plan to improve our physical fitness. He applies a combination of fascia training, circuit training and back muscle training. In addition he provides us with practical tips and motivates us to integrate small exercises into our daily working routine performing his excercises.

After conquering our weaker self and some aching muscles at the beginning, our overall fitness and capacities have improved considerably. Now we even look forward to David's weekly torments! ;)

Personal fitness at Propertybase

Author: Peter Siegl