Matching 2.0: Real Estate Property Listings

In an effort to continuously provide the best real estate CRM solution on the global market, Propertybase is pleased to release Matching 2.0 for current and new clients who are utilizing the Salesforce Lightning Interface version of the Propertybase CRM Solution.

As the global leaders in real estate CRM technology solutions, Propertybase is committed to enhancing our short and long-term road map to bring new value to our global clients. In short, we listened to your problems, we heard your requests for improvements to this feature set, and now we have delivered!

With the release of Matching 2.0, real estate Broker / Owners, Agents and Marketing professionals can now enjoy a multitude of new and faster features.


What’s New with Propertybase Matching 2.0?

We have completely redesigned the Matching feature of our CRM product to be faster and more robust. Matching can now be done in two ways: on an Inquiry record to search available real estate property listings that match the current inquiry and on Listing records displaying Contacts tied to an Inquiry that matches a Listing record, called “Reverse Matching”. Administrators have the ability to configure more fields to suite their business processes and create new views for individual users to their specific liking.

Propertybase Matching 2.0 Offers:

  • Complete configuration capability to match your business
  • New filters to sort and segment data and results
  • Faster speed for Propertybase CRM Lightning users
  • Action buttons to save, send and share results

What Value Does Matching 2.0 Offer Users?

Previous versions of our Matching proved to be cumbersome, with Matching performed on Contact records. In the real estate industry, everything starts with an Inquiry; which, could become a warm lead, new contact or even a client. In order to best serve industry professionals, we’ve built Matching 2.0 to model the “real” real estate process as closely as possible.

With this understanding of the process, your life just got faster. Define, search and filter to your preference(s) to achieve the desired results. From there, you can email the results to all, or some, of the matched results to leads or contacts, create branded documents, etc. all without leaving the Matching feature. You’ll earn valuable time back to manage your relationships and close more deals! If you’re a Broker / Owner or Administrative Manager, Matching 2.0 is just one more technology upgrade your agents will love, which means you get to retain your best performers and attract even more outside talent.

So How Can I Take Advantage of Propertybase Matching 2.0?

Before you can configure the new Matching feature, you should check to see if you’re on the latest version of Propertybase. New users onboarded with Propertybase 1.491 do not have to perform the next steps. Click here to to see if your account is up-to-date.

Once you’re on the latest version of Propertybase, you’ll need to remove the old Matching feature from your account. Click here to follow those steps in our Help Center article.

Lastly, folow these steps to add the new matching feature. Should you have any questions, concerns or are in need of support, reach out to support’@propertybase’.com at any time.


If you’re interested in learning more about Propertybase real estate CRM features, automation, or have questions on how to streamline your business strategies, please contact us! Click on Request Demo at the top of the page or contact us via email at