How Transaction Management Software Benefits Brokerages

Not all real estate transaction management software is created equal. When it’s time to streamline the process to create smoother, more reliable closings, there are a few things to keep in mind. Knowing the benefits ahead of time will make for a much easier decision.

As Bernice Maez, Owner of Vivo Realty, discovered, bringing on BackAgent by Propertybase really transformed the processes for their Finance Manager and agents.

“BackAgent has helped us increase production by 50% across the board. The system is just so easy to use, and our agents love it. It has really saved us a lot of time.”


3 Benefits of Our Transaction Management Software:

  1. Structured Compliance: So much goes into a closing that it’s quite possibly one of the most stressful steps in real estate. Eliminate confusing paper trails, take the agent guesswork out of what documents are required and provide timely prompts for due dates. Your brokerage will be able to reduce the risk of regulatory lawsuits while also easing the stress for clients.
  2. Agent & Client Collaboration: BackAgent’s proprietary “Roundtable” feature provides a secure, collaborative portal where agents and clients can share, sign and edit any and all documentation related to the transaction. Happy clients = happy agents!
  3. Office Hub: The brokerage intranet is the place for members of the brokerage to collaborate, schedule meetings, share company news and more. It’s where the brand can engage with their agents, creating a stronger company culture while also empowering agent success.

You Sell The Dream. We Take Care of The Rest.

If you’re ready to take your transactions to a whole new level with compliance, intranet, back office and two-way sync, talk to the team at BackAgent: Request a Demo now!