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Company Enterprise
  • Feature overview
    Minimum Users 3 10
    Bulk discounts available 10+ 10+
    Media Storage 100 GB unlimited
    File Storage min. 11 GB or 612 MB x No. of users min. 11 GB or 612 MB x No. of users
    Data storage min. 1 GB or 20 MB x No. of users min. 2 GB or 20 MB x No. of users
    Billing Frequency Annual Annual
    Contract Term 1 year 1 year
    Payment Method Credit Card, Paypal, Wire transfer Credit Card, Paypal, Wire transfer
    Front Desk
    Listings & inventory
    Process & automation
    Clients & activities
    Deals & transactions
    Cloud API
    MLS Integration (US & CA)
  • Customer relationship management
    Create and manage Individual Contacts
    Social Contacts
    Create and manage Companies
    Track Activities like Calls, Emails, Meetings, Showings
    Auto-duplicate check
    Easy contact creation wizard
    Assign leads to agents
  • Listing Management
    Listing Browser for hyper-fast searches
    Set up detailed listings
    Choose from over 20 different Listing type templates (not for all countries available yet. Please ask us for more details)
    Create your own Listing types
    Listing Media Manager (images, videos)
    Define which images/video will be used on your website, brochure, or portal
    Media Storage see above see above
    YouTube video integration
    Geo-mapping on Google Maps
  • Listing Syndication & MLS
    Publish Listings to 180+ portals worldwide (if your portal is not listed in Propertybase please contact us)
    Integration with 500+ MLSs in the US
  • Deal MatchMaking
    Track what customer's are looking for
    Find matching listings for customers
    Find matching customers for listings
    Email listings to customers
  • Offers & Closings
    Create offers
    Track counter offers
    Manage transactions
  • Franchise Management
    Managing Licenses for each License Partner (LiPa)
    Keeping track of LiPa operated Shops and Offices
    Assigning and managing Agents within each Shop or Office
    Managing the sales of products and services to Agents and LiPas
    Managing targets for Agents and LiPas in form of a Business Plan
    Tracking the quality of LiPas and Agents with regular Audits
    Providing easy to use roll-up reports based on special Report Types
  • Financials
    Setting up a payment schedule with multiple installments
    Tracking actual payments against the schedule
    Set up reminder workflows for upcoming and overdue payments
    Report 'paid vs. open' payments
    VAT enabled
  • Marketing
    Email-to-prospect (Send emails to Propertybase and capture leads automatically)
    Create campaigns
    Budget your Promotion Expenses
    Assign Contacts to Campaigns
    Automatic ROI calculation
  • Website
    Real-time listings on your website
    Web-to-prospect (lead capturing from websites)
  • Automation
    Create your own workflows
    Visual workflow editor
  • Communication
    Send mass emails
    Create individual Email templates
    Track emails in real time
  • Google integration
    Google Drive
    Google Talk
  • Customization
    Create custom fields/change existing fields
    Create/customize page layouts
    Create/customize user profiles
    Create triggers, workflows
    Create notifications
    Add-ons from
    Create/install custom apps
  • Administration
    Change/create user profiles
    Change data visibility to owner only
    Multi currencies
    Workflows & Approvals
  • Analytics
    Standard real estate reports library
    Create custom reports
    Create dashboards
    Run scheduled reports
    Advanced reporting & analytics
  • Add-ons
    Vertical Repsonse for Email Campaigns
    Connect for Microsoft Office
  • Mobile
    Available for All platforms All platforms
    Mobile App/Access
  • Support & Services
    Basic Support
    Premier Support (min. 4 users)
    Onboarding (min. 4 users)
  • APIs & Infrastructure
    Website API
    API Call Limits 1,000 calls/users/day
    1,000,000 total
    1,000 calls/users/day
    1,000,000 total
    Secure & reliable Propertybase is built on the platform, managed by
    >99.99% reliability
    ISO 27001 certified

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