Tip of The Week: Using Workflows to Level Up Your Automation

Let’s face it, real estate CRM should be simple, and intuitive. You don’t want it to just hold your listing and customer data, you want dynamic follow-ups and improved customer relationships. In this Tip of the Week we’ll show you a simple way to automate certain activities using workflows, to make your work a little bit smarter and a lot easier.


##Workflow Automation in a Nutshell

Workflows are automated actions, based on a set of criteria or ‘rules’. When these rules are met, workflows are triggered to run. For example, you may want to set up email notifications for offers over $400K to be reviewed by management for approval, or assign an automatic email drip campaign for all leads with the contact type “new home buyer.”

Workflows in Propertybase can be set up to

  • Assign tasks to users in your system e.g. assigning a customer in their ‘area’ for follow up.
  • Send Email notification to designated recipients, whether internal users, or external clients/contacts
  • Update field information automatically, based on the workflow rules.

Workflows are set up within a Propertybase object, to ensure that different workflows take place in different contexts, and they can be timed to execute immediately or at a later time/date.

Last, but not least, workflows can be activated/deactivated with the click of a button, making them incredibly easy to work with.

##Action Plans v. Workflows: What’s the Difference?

In last week’s tip we outlined 3 Reasons Why You Should be Using Action Plans. Workflows are the next step to further automating your task management, and can be utilised to complement your Action Plans. Think of Action Plans like a checklist of tasks, to tick off as you complete them on a specific record. Action Plan templates can be set up, but they must be manually completed and ticked off. Workflows, on the other hand, can be set-up to perform automated actions independently, upon them being triggered, and can be set up in any object of Propertybase.

##Follow up, keep up, level up

Workflows are extremely flexible, and can be set up with criteria as complex or as simple as you need, without the need for development resource. Using workflows in your business is an extremely powerful way to manage your customer relationships better, follow up at appropriate intervals, and generally keep customers warmed up on the journey to closing. In other words, workflows are a key way to achieve business objectives and by automating processes that would otherwise be extremely time consuming if performed manually. So save time and resources, but setting up workflows, today!

Take a look at our knowledgebase article for full details on getting workflows up and running.

We love to provide resources to keep you trying out Propertybase to its full potential, so let us know what you thought about this tip. Tell us your thoughts on workflows, or what you want to see in the next Tip of the Week. Don’t forget to share it with your team!