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Why Your Real Estate Customers Need to Hear From You Now

Successful realtors are creative, resourceful, and results-oriented.

That’s you we’re talking about. At Propertybase, we hear every day about real estate agents who respond to the unexpected and unforeseen. Real estate professionals have seen it all in the can-you-top-this department. From weather emergencies to open house horror stories, it’s all part of everyday life as a successful realtor.

Just recently, we heard from a couple who bought a house in suburban Detroit. Once the buyers took possession, their agent asked them to step outside for the classic “Just Sold” photo. The couple and agent walked out the front door, shut it, and locked themselves out. The agent called the sellers who confirmed what you can guess—they had turned over all the keys, which were now inside the house. The agent promptly reached into her contact list to call a locksmith, who arrived within five minutes on a Saturday to change the locks.

No big deal. Crisis averted. It happens all the time. Just another day!

But the new normal? That qualifies as a day most Americans have never experienced in living memory. Our nation has overcome widespread disease and global epidemics before, and we will again. Until a COVID-10 vaccine is developed and used, the most successful brokers and agents are finding new ways of serving clients.

One of the most effective ways you can help your customers is to reach out and communicate. Propertybase Salesforce Edition gives you the tools and templates to deliver the messages your customers need now. Check our video to take a quick tour of our Marketing Center. Our email template editor helps you create email marketing campaigns that share facts, market updates, and your expert insights about real estate conditions in your service area.


Replace Fear with Facts

Your customers are looking to you for facts about the housing market. As a real estate expert in your community, you can dispel fear with facts by setting up a drip campaign with current market conditions.

Frequent touchpoints are more effective than a one-off email, especially for sharing rapidly changing market data. A drip campaign with weekly market updates sends the message that your business cares about your clients’ needs and priorities.

Keep Your Customers Informed

Have you let your customers know how your team is virtually operating to support buyers and sellers? Are you using real estate technology and digital tools like 3D tours? Is your brokerage integrated with eSignature technology like DotLoop and DocuSign to support socially distant real estate transactions? Let your client base know when you use the tools and templates in the Propertybase Salesforce Edition Marketing Center.

Share Your Insights and Advice

Buyers and sellers at every stage of the real estate journey want to hear your insights and advice about current market conditions and trends. Your team are experts at reading the market. Your customers are searching for answers about where the market is heading.

Or how to prepare their homes for a virtual tour. Or how to buy a home while practicing social distancing. Our Marketing Center is the bridge that connects your expertise and knowledge with the questions your clients are asking now.

Propertybase Can Help You Ensure Your Brand’s Message Is Relevant

More than ever before, successful realtors are using digital tools and strategies to stay connected with their customers. Propertybase has the tools and services to help you meet your customers’ needs, which are ultimately your agents’ needs, which are ultimately your brokerage’s needs. Our Managed Services team can help you get the most out of your Propertybase Salesforce Edition Marketing Center. Get in touch with our Managed Services team at to find out how we can help you.