Real Estate Mobile Marketing for Business Growth

You can hardly get through a dinner with your friends, family or fellow real estate professionals without someone picking up their mobile phone and scrolling away. As an agent or broker, you probably feel like you’re glued to your mobile device because you’re part of this crazy rat race that is the real estate industry.

Real estate has officially gone mobile. But are you considering your mobile audience when it comes to your business and marketing? Embracing real estate mobile marketing for interacting with your clients and prospects, as well as positioning your real estate business as being “mobile friendly” is going to attract an audience that is already sitting at happy hour scrolling across their smartphones.


Use Text and SMS to Interact with Leads and Clients

If your clients and prospects aren’t already sending you text messages, they likely will start soon. Why? Because it’s a quick and effective way to communicate, saving time that would’ve been spent on writing a longer email or trying to connect on the phone. With proper techniques, text messages can be stored for easy reference at a later date; plus, it allows busy real estate agents to reply at their convenience or set up automated text messages through a service like SMS Magic.

But aside from just using text as a way to communicate with your clients and incoming leads, it’s an important marketing tool. For instance, instead of requiring house hunters to pick up their phones to call you for information on your latest listing, provide an SMS code on your “for sale” sign so they can get an instant and automatic text back with all those important details. Perhaps you could even include a link to an HD video walkthrough. Multiple touch points allow for multiple ways of lead generation. Providing that extra piece of valuable information is bound to stand out in the minds of your potential clients, especially those that wouldn’t dare pick up the phone and dial.

Mobile Video Is Not A Trend

Here at Propertybase, we’ve told you how important it is to engage with your target audience over video. It becomes especially important when they are constantly looking to their mobile phones to engage with their favorite brands and influencers.

Popping onto social media or utilizing a video email service like BombBomb to share a video straight from your mobile phone whether you’re at an amazing new restaurant in your city, showing your favorite house out of all your listings, or at a local event you want to tell your followers about – the more they know you and your real estate business, the more likely they are to trust and work with you in the future. It’s all about engineering that mobile engagement that results in more interactions, not selling.

Create a Mobile-Responsive Website and Run Mobile Ads

It’s easy to think that our online presence is almost instantly translated into the mobile environment, but that isn’t always the case. Is your website optimized and responsive for a true mobile experience or does it look like gobbledygook from a smartphone? Have you thought about building an app for your real estate company – complete with easily searchable listings?

By now you should be running digital ads or marketing campaigns. What’s the mobile UX like? In the National Association of Realtors Real Estate in a Digital Age 2017 Report, home-buyers searched online 95 percent of the time and 72 percent of the time on a mobile or tablet device. How will your Facebook ads look for iPhone users? Will your latest blog post be easily read from an Android device? In today’s world you need to consider that a larger percentage of your users will be engaging with you through mobile.

Mobile is not disappearing any time soon and that means you must embrace this little piece of technology to grow your real estate business. So, escape from behind your desktop and go mobile to build your client base and increase your revenue.


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