Why Real Estate Companies Should Be on Twitter

Twitter is more than just a social network. It’s a research and information tool that can also help you keep up with your competitors and stay informed on the industry.


For real estate technology companies

Twitter lets you quietly keep an eye on the activities of your peers, competitors, and industry thought leaders. It’s not only a good idea to stay abreast of industry trends, but the posts (called Tweets) from these influential personalities can also be quite entertaining.

For real estate brokers

Twitter lets you to communicate en masse to your agents about business matters in real time. Announce important price changes, rate changes, new listings, sold listings, trainings, meetings, events, or reminders to all of your agents with a single message. Twitter can serve, in other words, like a company “Intranet” that delivers messages to each of your agent’s phones in real time using text messaging. Of course, Twitter has the potential for abuse. Sending more than two or three messages a day could become more irritating than useful.

For real estate teams

Twitter can help coordinate the daily activities and movements of team members. You can Tweet about showings for the day, price changes, team meetings, task accomplishments, etc.

Some teams currently communicate through transaction management systems and other platforms, but they usually require each team member to have a smartphone. Twitter works on any phone with text messaging capabilities. Additionally, Twitter helps you promote your brand and values, as well as leverage your presence on other social network to maximum effect.

Read the full post about using twitter as a a real estate professional or team, from Marylin Wilson here.

So how do you use twitter? In what creative ways do you use it to promote your brand and sell properties? Have you had any tangible leads from social media that you have converted into happy customers? Tell us in the comments and share your story!