Cloud Computing & SaaS in Real Estate Technology

It’s likely you’ve heard both the terms Cloud Computing and SaaS. But what do they mean and how are they relevant to the way you utilize your valuable real estate tools? To put it in simple terms, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the internet, or the “cloud.” It’s likely you’re using cloud computing right now. If you benefit from programs online to watch your favorite shows or movies, send emails to your friends and family, or store pictures from your last vacation – congratulations, you’re utilizing the cloud.

But what about SaaS? Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet, as opposed to the end user being required to download (or heaven forbid upload from a CD) the software to use it. SaaS is often considered one of the categories of cloud computing.


How Cloud Computing is Changing SaaS

The convenience, security, and automation of cloud computing is changing the world of SaaS. Software providers are benefitting from backed-up data, reduced infrastructure costs, improved mobility and simple work processes, and are passing on those conveniences to their clients. Here at Propertybase, it’s at the core of what we do in order to provide real estate clients with a superior product.

Your data is safe. With cloud API computing, updates no longer mean the risk of destructing valuable information that may need to be accessed later. With every system update or platform change, SaaS as part of a cloud computing framework, keeps that valuable data while you continue to move forward in your real estate business.

It’s easy to grow and highly scalable. With cloud computing and the “remote” storage of data, a growing real estate agency, brokerage or database of clients no longer requires server or software updates. Your business can grow and your systems will keep up.

There’s one place for everything and everyone. No longer are the days where you have to store client information on physical servers or request access from your IT Department to a shared drive, which you can only open from your office. With cloud computing, your team’s/business’ information is accessible from any place you have an internet connection – creating more efficient processes for everyone.

You’ll no longer have to worry about being outdated. Cloud computing allows for automatic product updates and integrations at regular intervals that will never disrupt your work or access to critical client information. At Propertybase, we’re tuned-in to what real estate professionals really need to improve and update our technology for real estate CRM solutions regularly to meet those needs.

Your Data Security is the highest priority. With information stored on the cloud, companies handling the storage of your data are doing so with enhanced security. You shouldn’t be worried about a hacker accessing personal client information on your hard drive. After all, it’s in the cloud! Most importantly, SaaS providers heavily invest in the security of the data stored in the cloud.

Overall, real estate cloud computing today and in the future allows for peace of mind of the businesses trusting their data with SaaS providers. But with that trust comes the convenience of not having to worry about you information storage, being able to access it from anywhere across teams, and knowing that it will always be there as you grow your real estate empire.


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